Student Homeschooling Planners

You’ve decided to homeschool this year, and now you’re looking for ways to make that process just a little bit easier. We are too! And that’s why we love using homeschool planners. In fact, everyone in our homeschool has their own planner. They may look and function a little differently, but each of us has a planner to help us keep things organized and progressing.

Importance of Using a Homeschool PlannerYouth Weekly Planning Pages

There were a number of years when I didn’t think I needed a homeschool planner. I often used a simple spiral-bound notebook, which is fine, but I found that I began to dread the process. I needed something that was fun and beautifully designed to keep me interested and motivated. For years, I purchased expensive homeschool planners that had a similar weekly layout. I loved the beauty of those well designed organizational tools. But, there were times that I couldn’t afford to pay the money for those amazing planners. This is when I began to wonder if other homeschool moms were in the same situation of needing a tool but not being able to afford it? And so… The Sanity Saver Homeschool Planner was born.

Quarterly Homeschool Planning Pages

We created our first edition for homeschooling moms and added planning pages, record-keeping pages, and weekly homeschooling and meal planning spreads. And the best part? We made it FREE for all homeschooling mamas to enjoy!

This year, we wanted to bring you the same amazing homeschool planning tool, but for your homeschooling students! So, (drumroll please…) here are our two beautifully designed homeschool planners for students. You’ll find helpful organizational tools as well as weekly planning pages with plenty of room to take notes and record amazing accomplishments! In fact, I follow a few guidelines when I begin planning my homeschool year.

How To Use A Homeschool Planner

Older Student Homeschool Planner

Many of my homeschooling friends have asked me how I plan and what planning tools I use. My homeschool planning tools are simple… The Sanity Saver Homeschool Planner is my planner of choice, and the “how” I plan is also super simple!

  • I take my pdf download of the homeschool planner to my local office store. I ask them to print it in full color and 3-hole punch the entire planner.
  • I purchase a transparent cover 3-ring binder and I slip the cover of my planner into the cover of the binder and then fill the binder with my freshly printed homeschool planner! ( I use the mom homeschool planner here.)
  • Then I start planning. This is where I use, “Keep It Simple Sweetheart!” as my motto. I’ve run the gamut on the different ways to plan and over the last decade, I’ve realized that simplicity rules!
  • Determine your homeschool calendar year. Does your state require 180 schooling days? Do you plan on homeschooling 5 days a week or 4? What holidays will you take off? Will you homeschool year-round?
  • Take the content that you want to learn and create one big goal for each subject. It can be a long sentence or several sentences.Weekly Homeschool Planning Pages
  • Divide up the content you want to cover into 4 quarters and fit those quarters into your “homeschool calendar.” Make a simple goal for each subject for each quarter.
  • Then… divide the quarters into weeks. Each quarter will be roughly 45 days or 9 weeks. I divide what I want to learn in a quarter into 9 goals, one goal for each week of the quarter.
  • I write those weekly goals down… but wait until the week before to flesh out my weekly plans. WHY? because with kids and mom and dad and life… things happen and your weekly plans will sometimes crumble into chaos. Keeping it simple and only planning one week in advance enables you to make a weekly plan that will be subject to less “erasures.”
  • Once I have my weekly plan I share it with my kids. If they are older they can write it in their own planners or sometimes I’ll create a “check-sheet” for them for the week.Student Homeschool Planner Checksheet

We do this throughout the year, using each quarters’ nine weekly goals to plan our week. Sometimes the curriculum you choose may already do this for you. If so, embrace it and be thankful! Other online curricula may create a calendar for you! But it’s always helpful to know how to plan your year without a premade content schedule.

Choose Your Student Homeschool Planner, Youth or Teen!

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