About Us: Meet the Team

We enjoy collaborating with other homeschoolers – working with homeschooling parents, bloggers, companies, and conferences! Do you have something fun or educational in mind? Please let us know! Please contact [email protected] and she’ll get back to you.

Jamie Gaddy

Homeschool.com's Voice and Editor

Jamie is Homeschool.com’s voice and content manager/editor.  Education has been an integral part of her life for over 25 years in both the classroom, homeschool, and as a principal. Jamie has homeschooled her six children for 15 years, and takes great joy in helping new homeschooling parents get started! Jamie loves to share her experience and help other homeschoolers find success through radio and TV interviews as well as podcasts. Connect with her at [email protected]


Karen White

Business Lead

Karen is the Business Manager for Homeschool.com.  She has been in the digital marketing industry for the past 16 years helping businesses effectively market to their target demographic.  Karen has two young children and a passion for education.  Please reach out to Karen regarding your business marketing needs at [email protected].

Alison Belknap

Account Manager

Alison is the account manager for Homeschool.com. She is committed to helping her advertisers find the right marketing solutions. She enjoys exploring the exciting world of education technology to supplement her children’s education. Please reach out to Alison if you are interested in advertising on Homeschool.com at [email protected]

Mari Almon

Account Manager

Mari is a dynamic sales person deeply entrenched in the homeschooling market. Possessing a long 20 year history with leading homeschool industry leaders, she thoroughly enjoys helping businesses of all sizes understand homeschooling and prosper in this market. Mari and her husband Steve were thrilled to have the opportunity to homeschool their 2 children, Liz and Jon through high school. Please reach out to Mari if you are interested in advertising on Homeschool.com at [email protected]

Tami Roos

Web Designer

Tami is a Freelance Visual Media Designer from South Africa. She has worked in the advertising and design industry for over 20 years. She also tutors at a Homeschool centre which her son attends.

Rebecca Kochenderfer

Founder - Retired

Rebecca Kochenderfer was the founder of Homeschool.com and over the course of 20 years invested in homeschooling parents across the world. Though she is now retired, we are so thankful to her investment in the lives of so many!

Volunteer Contributors

Meet the Contributing Authors

Click here to MEET OUR VOLUNTEERS! Our volunteer contributors offer insight from experience on Montessori homeschooling, special needs homeschooling, and a variety of other niche aspects of homeschooling. We love connecting with homeschool parents that have strengths in areas that we don’t! If you are interested in joining our volunteer contributor team, please contact [email protected].