Self-Care is Family-Care While Homeschooling


Self-Care is Family-Care While Homeschooling

How are you doing? And when is the last time you stopped and really asked yourself this question?

As home educators, we spend most of our days thinking of others. We plan nourishing meals, seek out curriculum our kids will enjoy, drive to activities and playdates—and we love it. We are grateful for the privilege to be home with our kids.

But around this time of year, we can get tired too. Our energy levels might be dropping; we are getting less sunlight and maybe less exercise too. These factors affect how we feel, and in turn they can affect how we homeschool and parent.

Self-care is important when homeschooling. It improves your life in meaningful ways and subsequently the life of your children as well. Check-in with yourself and ask a few simple questions.

  1. Am I eating a healthy diet and drinking enough water?
  2. Am I sleeping enough?
  3. Is exercise a regular part of my routine?
  4. Do I have spiritual, creative, and intellectual outlets that I can regularly count on?
  5. How are the relationships in my life?
  6. Do I connect regularly with several good friends?
  7. Am I enjoying our family’s homeschool life as much as I can?
  8. Do I wake in the morning feeling positive and filled with gratitude?

As the primary caregiver and educator in your home, finding time for self-care can be a real challenge. Look around. Do you know of other parents with the same needs as you? Get creative. Share resources with one another. Child care swaps are great fun for parents and for kids too!

It can feel hard to justify time for self-care, but I’ve always reminded myself that if mom isn’t happy, no one else is either. When we take care of ourselves, we are truly taking care of our families.