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JUNE 3, 2014
What About Socialization?

What About Socialization? Sign Me Up! for this e-zine Send to a Friend If only homeschoolers had a nickel for every time they…

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MARCH 19, 2014
The Seven Abilities Your Child Needs to Succeed

  How do you set your child up for educational success? We understand that setting up your child up for educational success is an especially urgent topic for homeschooling…

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JANUARY 24, 2014
Practical Life Skill Checklist for Homeschoolers

It's important that we teach our children practical life skills--skills that teach them how to survive in society--how to thrive in society. These practical life skills can be divided into at…

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NOVEMBER 1, 2010
Educational Gift Guide 2010 (redirected)'s 2010 Gift Guide: Top 100 Educational Gifts After reviewing hundreds of products, the following have been selected as's Top 100 Educational…

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JANUARY 1, 2010
Raising Your Child’s Financial IQ

Ensure Your Child's Financial Success   If you've been telling your children, "Go to college, get good grades and work at a large company until you retire" you may be dooming them to…

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MARCH 1, 2009
Better Late than Early

Better Late than Early An Excerpt from: Homeschooling for Success How Parents can Create a Superior Education for their Child Also Read: Who Wants To Be a Reader? For…

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