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July 20, 2015
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I think just about all homeschooling educators love worksheets/printables. We can easily spend hours looking through the multitude of worksheets and printables offered by different companies and blogs– but that can be so time-consuming! Having a TON of worksheets and educational activities in one place is a huge time saver! That’s where Super Teacher Worksheets comes in. Super Teacher Worksheets is a website with printable resources for preschool and elementary school students. They offer more than 10,000 printable activities on their website. The website includes hundreds of free worksheets as well as thousands of member-only resources (a subscription to Super Teacher Worksheets costs only $19.95 per year). Super Teacher Worksheets offers resources for virtually every elementary school subject area. The worksheets and printables include: reading comprehension passages; math card games; phonics word wheels; early literacy mini-books; flashcards; printable board games; spelling lists; cut-and-glue crafts and activities; holiday craft projects; science experiments; animal articles; blank maps; brain teasers; awards for students; generator tools; and much more!

I explored many worksheets and printables offered by Super Teacher Worksheets, and here are just some examples of the ones I really liked:

Reading Comprehension Passage with Questions – The website offers dozens of reading comprehension passages for grade levels one through five. Each grade level offers fiction and nonfiction selections, as well as poetry and reader’s theater scripts. After each passage, the worksheet includes reading comprehension questions that intersperse multiple choice questions, short answer questions, and matching. Each reading comprehension also includes a selection of vocabulary words which is reinforced through matching, unscramble-the-word activities, or fill-in-the-missing letters exercises. Finally, the majority of the reading comprehension worksheets includes a writing prompt activity based on the reading passage. Check out the reading comprehension passages here:

Math Mystery Pictures – Super Teacher Worksheets has a wide selection of math mystery pictures of varying difficulty. These puzzles allow elementary students to practice their basic addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division skills while coloring in each segment of the mystery picture based on the answers to each problem. Students will really enjoy revealing the mystery picture (whether it is a sailboat, castle, clownfish, parrot, or airplane). These activities make math practice fun and creative! Check out the math mystery pictures here:

Phonics Mini-Books – This website has tons of phonics mini-books for children to practice their vowel and consonant sounds. The phonics mini-books are written for a kindergarten or first grade reading level. Each of these mini-books includes eight illustrated pages. What a great way for young learners to practice, practice, practice! Check out the phonics mini-books here:

Holiday Crafts – One of the great things about Super Teacher Worksheets is that this website has so many holiday crafts for elementary students. Holiday cut-outs, bingo games, crosswords, word searches, word scrambles, and riddles are just some of the exciting holiday crafts, activities, and puzzles I found on this website. Check out the holiday crafts and activities here:

In general, I also discovered several aspects to the Super Teacher Worksheets site that I really liked:

  • They offer hundreds of free worksheets, so you can try them before you purchase.

  • The subscription fee is reasonable. Being a member saves so much time, since more than 10,000 worksheets and printables are available to you in one place.

  • I particularly like the variety and quality of their science worksheets, holiday worksheets and activities, and brain teasers.

  • The site provides useful options for printing worksheets, such as formats with or without labels, black and white vs. colored, etc.

  • I really like the worksheet generator tools that allow me to make my own worksheets.

  • I appreciate how cute/attractive the website is. I know content is important, but I’m also keen on aesthetics.

  • I enjoy the new Super Teacher Worksheets blog. It’s a source of fun teaching ideas, which is great when I’m searching for new ideas.


Most of the Super Teacher Worksheets printables are Common Core aligned (teachers do use the site), but the website understands and appreciates that homeschoolers strive to go beyond the Common Core.