Adding DIY Projects to Your Homeschool Science

April 15, 2020
Written by:
Guest Author

Ever been bitten by the creative “DIY bug”? When this bug strikes, it’s bittersweet. On the one hand, it means WORK! On the other hand, you’ll probably enjoy the process and will certainly enjoy the outcome. When the inspiration strikes, add it to your science curriculum for truly hands-on learning projects!

DIY Projects to Add to Science

If you think about it, tackling a DIY project is quite literally project-based learning! So, in the spirit of DIY educationDIY projects can instantly add spark to your science! and home learning, here are some links to some great DIY science projects:

  • From building your own Bunsen burner to creating a  battery out of a penny, this set of homeschool science activities will keep your students busy for hours!
  • Do your kids have an interest in huge DIY science projects? Whether they’re interested in restoring old furniture pieces or performing automobile tricks, they’re sure to enjoy themselves!
  • Need a portable computer you can take anywhere? Try creating one on a USB stick!
  • Create a DIY outdoor game! Then, you’ll only need to toss in a quick lunch and you’ll have yourself an easy picnic!

What are you interested in? One of the nice things about science as a topic is that you can infuse it into just about anything. You can pull the science “out” of nearly any project and call it done. So, what are you waiting for? Have fun adding more hands-on learning activities to your science studies today!