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Fun Ways to Learn History

18 March 12:57 pm
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Admitting I love history, is something I would never thought I would say. I found it boring.  The few times I remember liking…

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Women’s History Printable Pack

13 March 7:35 pm
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This post sponsored by Girls Can! Crate. Click to print the Women's History Printable Pack.

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Meet the New Book – I Survived!

30 January 6:32 am
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Sponsored post by Dear Readers, This past July, my husband and I stood on one of the most beautiful…

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Abraham Lincoln Resource Collection

19 November 10:48 am

Just who was Abraham Lincoln, anyway? You probably already knew he was the 16th president but did you know he was also a…

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Constitution Week Study Resources

12 September 5:28 am

Being an American is certainly something to be proud of! Were it not for the rights outlined in the Constitution, you may…

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Women Who Changed History

7 September 5:30 am

There's no doubt about it - there are many great women in history who've made their mark. Every year, we make it a point…

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Homeschool High School for Free: Social Studies

2 August 3:32 pm

Are you ready to teach high school social studies this year? Worried about what to cover and how to know when to do it? Whether…

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San Jacinto Day: The Battle for Texas Independence

15 April 11:14 am

Independence isn’t something we should take for granted. After all, independence and individual freedoms lie at the heart…

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Spotlight On: History

29 March 11:37 am

As homeschooling parents, we have the privilege of immersing our children in subjects that interest them and subjects that,…

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How Women Changed History

26 February 9:24 am

For decades, women have made great accomplishments in history but it wasn’t always this way. Even further back in history,…

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