Homeschool History

SEPTEMBER 14, 2020

Constitution Week Study Resources

Happy Constitution Week! Were it not for the rights outlined in the Constitution, you may not even be reading this article. Thanks to those rights, you’re free to read whatever you’d like.  The…

MARCH 11, 2020

10 Steps to Create Your Own Easy to Implement Unit Study!

Unit studies are an exciting experience for homeschoolers. A unit of study focuses on one central theme, for example, insects.  In that study, students will learn all about insects, combining…


Women of Achievement

In recent years, it has become painfully obvious that standard history books are lacking when it comes to women’s achievements.  There have been numerous influential women in history, many…

MARCH 18, 2019

Fun Ways to Learn History

Admitting I love history, is something I would never thought I would say. I found it boring.  The few times I remember liking history was when we dove a little deeper in school. When we did…

MARCH 13, 2019

Women’s History Printable Pack

This post sponsored by Girls Can! Crate. Click to print the Women's History Printable Pack.

JANUARY 30, 2019

Meet the New Book – I Survived!

Sponsored post by Dear Readers, This past July, my husband and I stood on one of the most beautiful beaches I’ve ever seen. It seemed to stretch out forever, miles of…

NOVEMBER 19, 2018

Abraham Lincoln Resource Collection

Just who was Abraham Lincoln, anyway? You probably already knew he was the 16th president but did you know he was also a statesman and lawyer? As president, he also led the country through the…


Women Who Changed History

There's no doubt about it - there are many great women in history who've made their mark. Every year, we make it a point to bring you information about women of achievement.  Women haven’t…

AUGUST 2, 2018

Homeschool High School for Free: Social Studies

Are you ready to teach high school social studies this year? Worried about what to cover and how to know when to do it? Whether you’re having your students cover American History, World…

APRIL 15, 2018

San Jacinto Day: The Battle for Texas Independence

Independence isn’t something we should take for granted. After all, independence and individual freedoms lie at the heart of our ability to homeschool. But sometimes, independence comes as…