Celebrate Summer with 6 Writing Prompts

July 12, 2019
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Hip hip hooray, it’s summer! So, how do you keep your writers writing when the sunshine beckons? Well, the key is to keep things fun and relaxed. Yes, you can still be the cool homeschool mom and keep your writers’ momentum going strong all season long! Get started with these summer-inspired writing prompts. 

Elementary School Writing Prompts

Summer is so exciting! Fuel your younger writer’s enthusiasm for summer with delicious and delightful prompts. Descriptive writing gives developing writers great opportunities for growth. Challenge writers to expand their vocabulary by using a thesaurus to find new and more powerful adjectives, adverbs, and verbs to add to their descriptions.

  • Ice cream is arguably one of the best summertime treats. Inspire your young writer with a chilly, tasty experiment; and dig in together to discover which ingredients make The BEST Ice Cream Sundae in the World. Then, ask your child to describe the yummiest winner. 
  • Three cheers for the red, white, and blue! Celebrations abound on Independence Day; mouth-watering picnics with family and friends, lively parades and festivals, and flashy fireworks displays. What is your child’s favorite 4th of July celebration? Have him or her write about the event using a variety of colorful, descriptive words. 

Middle School Writing Prompts

Creative writing is a great way to both inspire and motivate your tween and new teen writers, especially during summertime. First, discuss how sensory details help draw readers into a scene. Then, encourage your writers to use their naturally vivid imaginations to reveal what they see, hear, feel, smell, and taste.

  • Summer is often family vacation time. What is your child’s all-time favorite vacation destination? Is the atmosphere relaxing and quiet or busy and noisy? Cool or hot?

What types of activities are going on? Are there historic landmarks, crashing ocean waves, or maybe both? Well, you get the picture. Even if your child has more than one favorite, he or she can combine all that greatness into one exciting trip: My Ultimate Summer Vacation is… 

  • Happy anniversary! July 20th marks the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission to the moon. Astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin walked on the moon for the first time ever. Wow! Imagine you are one of those courageous men. You are standing on the moon! How do you feel? What do you see? Do you hear any sounds? Are there any distinctive smells? Maybe you can feel your own heartbeat pounding anxiously inside your chest. Write about your experience. 

High School Writing Prompts

There’s an art to telling a great story whether it be fictional or a real-life personal narrative. Challenge your high school writers to hook readers with a dazzling first line. Have them keep interest growing with interesting dialogue and vivid descriptions, and wow their readers with a memorable or surprise ending. 

  • Play ball! Baseball season is in full swing in summer. So, don a cap, grab a hot dog with all the fixin’s, and imagine sitting in the baseball stadium cheering for your favorite team. It’s the top of the ninth inning and the score is tied. Are fans on their feet? Is it noisy? Tense silence? What is playing on the Jumbotron? Describe the events of this final inning and the scene around you.
  • Happy Parents’ Day! On the fourth Sunday in July, we honor our beloved parents. Whether you are a young man or a young woman, your parents are a big presence in your life. What interests do you share? Do you have the same taste in music and enjoy dancing and singing along together during concerts? Or perhaps you both love cheering on your favorite football team clad in team colors and waving giant foam fingers. Write a story about an amazingly fun time you shared with your parents.

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