Entrepreneurial Ideas for Homeschoolers

April 20, 2020
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Do you have kids who are looking for ways to start a home-based business? Homeschooled kids often have the opportunity to devote extra time to things other than school during the day. Because of this, starting a home-based business is feasible.

Benefits of Kids Earning Money

Many homeschooling families live on just one income, and sometimes that one income is strained. A home-based business teaches kids responsibility, especially since they’re completely responsible for everything they earn. Depending on how much your kids earn, their side income can also help the family budget. If you’re stumped with ideas for a home-based business for kids, check out the list of possibilities we’ve collected below!


  • Children’s Book Author or Illustrator Kids know what they’re attracted to and they’re very good at coming up with storylines and ideas that will appeal to other children. A child who is a talented artist would also make a great illustrator for children’s books. Using online platforms for freelancers, you can look for client opportunities for your child.


  • Tutoring – Kids can provide tutoring services for kids younger than themselves. Homeschooled teens can also assist in various subject areas. Since homeschooled kids are still in school, the concepts are still fresh in their minds, making the job a little easier on them. Students who do well on the SAT or ACT might also offer to tutor others who are preparing for those tests.


  • Baker or Candy Maker – Do your kids enjoy cooking for others? With some assistance, they may even be able to develop a new type of candy to sell. Craft fairs and farmers’ markets are great places to sell baked goods. It’s also possible to do this type of job through mail-order though it may require a special license.


  • Jewelry Designer – If your kids are crafty, they may enjoy creating artistic jewelry pieces to sell. One benefit to designing jewelry is that the possibilities are truly endless. If this idea appeals to your kids but they don’t know where or how to begin, a phone call to the local craft store can help get the ball rolling. Craft stores also sell books with design ideas and they often hold classes to help those new to jewelry-making learn the ropes.


  • Pet Care Extraordinaire – From dog walker to pet sitter, furry friends sometimes need the personal touch and extra energy kids can provide. Your kids can also learn how to groom animals to add to their desired skills.


  • Vlogger – Many kids enjoy watching YouTube videos and they especially like watching vlogs of kids they can relate to. Maybe your homeschooled kids would be interested in starting a YouTube channel full of “a day in the life” vlogs to show what homeschooling is like. Also, YouTube can be very profitable if your kids get enough viewers.


  • Blogger – If getting in front of the camera doesn’t interest your kids, perhaps writing will! Writing can also be a great outlet for kids who suffer from anxiety and depression. Blogging gives kids a platform to share stories or simply talk about their day.


  • Car Wash Operator – Kids can set up a car-washing business in their local community (check for HOA restrictions) or operate a mobile car-washing business where they can meet their clients at a safe yet convenient place.


  • Chore Services Operator – Do your kids hate doing chores? They may enjoy them if they’re being paid! Better yet, someone else can pay them to do household chores. Like other entrepreneurial ventures, a chore business lets kids learn responsibility. In this case, it also teaches them to perform duties to someone else’s standards.


  • House Sitter – When people go away on vacation, they like to rest knowing their home is cared for and isn’t in any danger. Your homeschooled kids can provide families this peace of mind by offering to housesit. Since homeschoolers are home during the day, they’re able to provide house sitting services at various times of the day.


Quick Tips for Kids Interested in Starting a Business

As with almost anything, your kids will do better in their personal businesses by heeding the advice of those who’ve blazed this path before them. The following tips will help your kids be successful no matter what option your kids pursue.

  • Check with your HOA. At times, you’ll need permission to operate a business from the homeowner’s association. To avoid having your child’s business shut down for noncompliance, check with the HOA in advance. Share with them the ideas your child has and see if there is anything for which you’ll need to plan ahead.


  • Consider forming an L.L.C. if you will be involved in your child’s home-based business. Doing so will enable you to keep your personal matters separate from your business-related documents.  


  • Start a website. You can use free website building options or you can start a blog. Having an online presence will be useful in getting the word out about your child’s home-based business.


Not all children are destined to attend a four-year university and obtain a college degree. Some are meant to be leaders and run a home-based business. Homeschool kids are at an advantage in that they don’t have to wait until they graduate high school to start a business; they can start one while they’re still in school. By the time they start a family, they can have a full-blown home-based business underway. It’s a great opportunity to use this time to your child’s advantage and help him or her pursue a dream business venture.

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