Fahrenheit – a FUN/Educational Game Developed by Homeschooling Parents

March 8, 2017
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Last  month, during our FREEBIE FEBRUARY event, did you notice the Fahrenheit card game raffle? It’s a card game developed by homeschooling parents.  They wrote us with the following information –


I am a successful former homeschool mom (two boys out of college & pursuing their careers!) and my husband and I recently put his card game Fahrenheit on the market.

We are in rural Wisconsin and have self-marketed since late September 2016.  Though it’s just been launched, it’s been in the works for 15 years with much test marketing.  It is a card game that uses weather terminology for wild cards and temperature cards ranging from minus 32 degrees to plus 32 degrees.  The temperature rises and falls throughout the game and the object is to have the score closest to zero.  You can use strategy to manipulate your accumulative score by playing a few rounds – or you can just have fun and let the temps fall (or rise) where they may!

A local public school 6th grade math teacher uses it for teaching ordering integers and the kids beg to play it!  

Currently it is available at our website:  Fahrenheitcardgame.com and at several local stores in our area. You can find out more details at our website:  Fahrenheitcardgame.com.


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