Kimberly’s Story – a Christian Homeschool Journey

September 28, 2018
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Today’s culture scares me.  It seems that our country is falling apart when it comes to values and morals.  I cannot even let my six year just pick out books at the library anymore due to the agenda that is being pushed in new literature.  God is missing in most aspects of society. As a Christian I want all my children to love God, serve God, and never compromise on Biblical truths no matter what the world might say is okay.  Homeschooling allows this to happen. So homeschooling for me is a calling and a necessity. It was this when I started sixteen years ago and is still is today.

I love that as a homeschooling mother, Biblical truth is in the lessons that I teach, in the stories they read, the math problems they solve, the science they study, and the activities they participate in.  I get to steer my children’s friendships with other families that are like minded in beliefs and watch positive friendships grow.  I want my children to have a solid foundation in Biblical truths and to have an active, personal, relationship with Christ. It has been exciting to see the fruit that is being produced in my grown children.  They all have a personal relationship with Christ and are active in the Christian community. The foundation that was laid down during their homeschool years is strong even with the challenges that come from going to the university.  

Now I am faced with a bigger challenge, my six-year-old.  The world has changed so much and much that is contrary to the Bible is now accepted as truth.  With that being said homeschooling becomes even more important. It is my responsibility to build that Biblical foundation for him in the midst of a chaotic world.  Homeschooling allows me to this. By keeping him home, limiting time amongst bad influences, and using a solid curriculum – the Biblical truths are being taught and internalized.  I keep him focused on truth and being able to help him navigate the untruths. I am seeing that excitement as he learns about God and how to grow his relationship with Christ.

I also love the unique experiences we have had and are having as a family.  The educational trips we have taken, coops, robotics, mission trips, being able to foster children, and adopting one of our foster children. The biggest experience is that my children get to see me as a mother living out my faith in an active way.  The academics are also very important. I am building character as well as making sure they are prepared to live in the world. I choose the curriculum, format, and methods that best fit each child. And with my son, I really had to think creatively outside the box to help him learn due to his learning disabilities.  I was able to tailor his learning, as well as, my other children’s curriculum to their strengths and what they desired to do as they become adults. Each of their interests and learning styles is very different. Today one is a physics and computer science major, another is an English major, and one is studying to become a missionary.

Homeschooling is personal for me.  It is an active way for me to live out my faith and obey God’s command to train up children in the way of the Lord.  As a Christian, it is my responsibility to train my children and the best way I know how. And, I believe to do this is by homeschooling.  

Kim's Story of Christian Homeschooling


My name is Kimberly Smith and I have been homeschooling for over 16 years.   I have been married for 25 years, have four children ages 6, 18, 20, 22, and currently live in Central Pennsylvania.  I have a Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy and am certified with the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors.  My three oldest have graduated from homeschooling and are currently in college or doing online learning. I am starting the journey of homeschooling again with my six year old.

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