On the Fence? Watch this Video Intro on Homeschooling

January 11, 2021
Written by:
Guest Author

Class Dismissed is a Documentary on Homeschooling.

All across America, parents are becoming increasingly uncertain with the state of public education. The current situation with our educational system & economy shines a spotlight on problems with traditional education. Class Dismissed showcases a growing trend in alternative education strategies that are working for many families across America.

Jeremy Stuart’s documentary, “Class Dismissed“, is a great introduction to the world of homeschooling. The movie takes a fresh look at what it means to be educated in the 21st century and explores the rapidly growing movement of parents providing an education outside the traditional classroom setting. Class Dismissed follows a new-to-homeschool family over a two year period, and documents how the family dynamics change and where their non-traditional education takes them. You can visit the official website at www.ClassDismissedMovie.com for more information about the film.

Watch free with an Amazon Prime subscription here at Class Dismissed.