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JULY 6, 2010

Internship Opportunities

For more high school information visit our main How to Homeschool High School page. Is your high school student wavering about their career ideas for the future? At this age, the possibilities…

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OCTOBER 27, 2009

Homeschooling and Teaching Social Skills

Yesterday, we discussed the difference between socialization and social skills. As parents, we are concerned about and aim to have our children learn appropriate social skills. The question becomes…

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OCTOBER 19, 2009

Nobel Prize for Physics goes to a man that was homeschooled

The Nobel Prize Winners for 2009 were announced this past week. One of the winners of the Noble Prize for Physics was a man who was homeschooled in his younger years, Dr. Willard S. Boyle. …

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JULY 23, 2009

Homeschooling Methods, Unschooling

I’m going to wrap up my discussion on homeschooling methods by looking at what appears to be the most misunderstood method, unschooling. I recently discovered that even within homeschooling…

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JUNE 23, 2009

The Flexibility of Homeschooling

 If you were going to compile a list of all the positive things about homeschooling, flexibility would probably be near the top of your list. I can tell you it is at the top of mine. If we feel…

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JUNE 7, 2009

Homeschool Diploma vs. GED

 Today, the stigma of the GED is all but disappeared. Many homeschool teens turn to the GED as a viable way to verify their home education. However, the GED itself has begun to give students…

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