Super Teacher Worksheets: A Recipe for Homeschool Success

April 25, 2016
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Super Teacher Worksheets: A Recipe for Homeschool Success

Homeschooling is all about trying new things and finding what works best for your child, just like perfecting a recipe.  Super Teacher Worksheets has a growing presence in the education community for its vast collection of quality educational printables and activities.  If you’re looking to spice up your homeschool curriculum with new printable resources, then discover the wonderful ingredients Super Teacher Worksheets has to offer.

Multiplication Worksheets Stand Out!

Among the more than 10,000 printable resources you can find on Super Teacher Worksheets, the multiplication worksheets  stand out as one of the most popular collections on the site.  Does your homeschooler need to practice quick problem-solving?  Check out the multiplication timed quizzes.  Would you like to spend some time reviewing basic facts with your child?  Give the multiplication task cards a try.  There are also plenty of options for incorporating fun into multiplication lessons with educational games.  Take a look at the multiplication bingo games, mystery pictures, origami fortune tellers, memory matching game, and number bonds.  You’ll find much more than this, so be sure to sample all the great multiplication resources here!

Spelling Activities Make a Difference

As a homeschool educator, you know what’s important for your child’s homeschool education, and giving your homeschooler the tools to becoming a good writer is one of those things.  That’s where spelling lessons come in.  Add a generous helping of exceptional spelling lessons by using the Super Teacher Worksheets spelling lists and worksheets.  Recently, Super Teacher Worksheets recreated their entire spelling curriculum.  Now each grade from first through fifth contains thirty units of spelling curriculum, as well as a variety of supportive spelling activities for each unit.  Your child can complete alphabetical order worksheets, scrambled spelling words activities, complete the sentences activities, and fix the misspelled word exercises.  There is even more to try, so fill up with great spelling worksheets.

Reading Practice Worksheets

You can never give your homeschooler enough reading practice!  When it comes to reading comprehension, Super Teacher Worksheets has an incredible variety.  Is your child interested in superheroes, pirates, or princesses?  Find fictional reading passages to meet your child’s unique interests.  Are you looking for a nonfiction article to complement your lesson on stink bugs?  Super Teacher Worksheets has you covered!  Animal articles, science passages, and other nonfiction reading comprehension worksheets are available in the reading collection.  Each of the reading comprehension worksheets includes comprehension questions, vocabulary words, and a writing prompt.  Reading comprehension worksheets are available from first grade through fifth grade.

Homeschool Fraction Worksheets

What would you find useful on a printable resources website?  Many homeschooling families find the fraction worksheets on Super Teacher Worksheets very helpful.  Whether your child excels in this area, struggles with fractions, or seems to be somewhere in between, you’ll find great activities to support fraction lessons.  The Super Teacher Worksheets fractions collection includes: fraction introduction worksheets, cut-and-paste fractions, fraction shapes, and manipulative fraction tools.   Explore and enjoy with your homeschooler!

Holiday Activity Worksheets

Finally, what’s a homeschool curriculum without educational activities for the holidays?  One of the most popular holiday pages on Super Teacher Worksheets is the Christmas worksheets page.  Imagine how much fun your homeschooler will have with the myriad of activities here: Christmas bingo; Christmas graph mystery pictures; crossword puzzles; word search puzzles; riddles; letter to Santa; cut-out crafts; paper bag puppets; Christmas countdowns; holiday-themed reading comprehension passages; Christmas-themed math worksheets; and a whole lot more.  Create meaningful memories with your child as you help them learn and celebrate the season at the same time!

You, the homeschool educator, are such an invaluable figure in your child’s life.  As a parent, teacher, helper, and fellow explorer, you have the ability to shape your child’s education and worldview in a powerful way.  Super Teacher Worksheets is here for you!  Homeschooling doesn’t have to be boring, rigid, or irrelevant, and with the printable resources on Super Teacher Worksheets, you are sure to find the perfect recipe for your child’s success.