Want to Make Sidewalk Chalk this Summer?

June 22, 2017
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Want to Make Sidewalk Chalk this Summer?

Here are some directions.

Summer is here and whether you choose to homeschool year round or take a few months off midyear there is always room for a little fun that is educational, frugal and gets the kids outside for a few hours.  Most kids love the chance to get their hands a little dirty creating something fun and this Homemade Sidewalk Chalk is a great experiment in science and fun that will keep them busy for hours once completed.  Not only can you incorporate a few great lessons on where the main ingredients  come from, but you can also use this as a fun tool for younger students to practice learning about measurements.  A bonus is the end result is great for encouraging them to practice writing their alphabet or numbers on the sidewalk or driveway outside your home.

To create homemade sidewalk chalk you need a few simple supplies you can gather from your craft closet or pick up at the local craft supply store.


1 ½ Cups Plaster of Paris

¾ Cup Warm Water

Paint Stick or Popsicle Sticks for stirring

Tempura Paint

Molds (toilet paper/paper towel rolls, candy molds, plaster molds, empty containers of various sizes that can be thrown away after use)

Paper Towels

Duct Tape if using toilet paper rolls as molds

Trash Bag or Bowl that can be thrown away after mixing “chalk”

We love using random containers from things like yogurt, sour cream or even salad dressing bottles cut in half for fun and different shapes.  You can also pick up various plaster molds at your craft supply store that will work if you are looking to create specific themed chalk like sea life, characters or numbers.

Make sure to have a bucket or bowl with a disposable plastic bag in it to do the mixing in.  Plaster of Paris will set up quickly and cannot be flushed down drains or rinsed out of bowls in the sink.  Never pour mix down a drain as it will solidify and clog your pipes. 

If you wish to create different colors you will need to make multiple batches or separate the mix into more than one container for mixing.  Remember that the plaster sets up within 5-6 minutes so you must work quickly.  Multiple batches are recommended when working with younger children so you are able to focus on each color as needed.


  • In small bowl or measuring cup mix together water with 1 teaspoon paint in color of choice
  • Pour water mixture into prepared bowl or bucket and mix until well blended
  • Pour into mold of choice and set aside
  • Will begin to set within 5-6 minutes.
  • Allow to fully dry for at least 1 hour prior to use if making smaller pieces of chalk or 3-4 hours if making larger pieces.
  • Remove from mold and create a fun mural on your driveway!

Experiment with color combinations, mix them together for a tie dyed effect or even add glitter for a princess theme for the special little girl in your life.  However you make your chalk, this is sure to be a fun summer tradition for years to come.


Katie Hale is a homeschooling mother of one, freelance writer and blogger at You Brew My Tea who enjoys the simple things in life and finds joy in the world around her as the ultimate classroom.