Writing Skill Builders for Vacations and Road Trips

June 15, 2018
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Guest Author

Guest post by Time4Writing.com

Where are you headed this summer? Do you have a family road trip in the works? Will you be visiting family in a distant state? Or, perhaps you have some homeschool field trips planned to keep your students busy over the summer months?

Knowing that summer provides the perfect opportunity for travel, Time4Writing has numerous resources that will help you keep your student’s writing skills sharp — even on the road! Take advantage of those “I’m bored” moments, those “waiting in traffic” moments, and even the “waiting in line at the theme park” moments to boost your child’s mastery of sentence writing, punctuation, paragraph transitions, and other vital writing concepts.

Free Writing Worksheets

As you think through your packing list for the next excursion, why not include some of Time4Writing’s free writing printables? They are available for all student levels from elementary through high school and cover subjects like using figurative language, common sentence errors, and creative writing practice. Each one is a PDF and is completely free to print out and easy to tuck into your child’s vacation backpack.

Road Trip Writing Activities

Don’t wait until the kids are bickering in the backseat to think of a way to keep them occupied. Time4Writing has you covered with these five fun writing activities that were made with both short and long road trips in mind. Each one is designed to improve a specific writing skill, and all of them will keep your children engaged even on the longest stretches of road.

 Writing Videos

When you are setting up your child’s YouTube playlist for the next outing, why not include some videos that will help keep writing instruction front and center of their mind? Time4Writing’s YouTube channel is chock full of student video instructionals on topics like:

Browse the full list of writing videos on Time4Writing’s Youtube channel, then save the ones that align with the skills that your student most needs to build this summer.

Online Writing Courses

If you’ve already planned to sign up for one of the summer writing courses that Time4Writing offers, there’s no reason to put it on pause just because you’re going on vacation.  Each 8-week course is perfectly portable and available on any internet-connected device. That means that your student can keep right on building a sentence, paragraph, grammar, or essay skills whether they are riding in the car, lounging by the pool, or waiting for their sister to get out of the hotel bathroom.

With these writing resources in your toolkit, your next vacation can double as a skill-building expedition! Time4Writing wishes your family safe and happy travels this summer and looks forward to being part of your journeys.

Time4Writing offers 8-week online writing courses for students in elementary, middle, and high school. Each interactive course is led by a certified writing teacher who gives prompt and personalized feedback on all assignments. Courses are accessible 24/7 from any device with an internet connection and come with a 14-day money-back guarantee.