Extravaganza of Experts

Prakash Nair

Architect, Prakash Nair, one of the top educational architects in the world shows you how to set up your home so that it supports your learning goals. (Note: this WebEx recording does not work on mobile devices, but this is one of the most informative interviews we have ever done.)

Julie Jenkins Sathe EnlightenedDiscipline.com

Julie Jenkins Sathe, author and popular speaker, tells you how Enlightened Discipline can get you to extraordinary homeschooling.

Benny Lewis

Did you know there are people out there who speak 10, 20, or 30 languages? They have a system that makes language learning faster and easier. Benny Lewis, the “Irish Polyglot” tells you how you too can be fluent in three months.

Elizabeth Price & Kimberly Kulp

Homeschooler, Elizabeth Price, was an alternate for the US Olympic gymnastic’s team, AND she has been accepted to Stanford University. Find out how homeschooling helped her reach her dreams.

Marilyn Mosley

Marilyn explains how you can take your homeschooling from ordinary to extraordinary by creating a learning-style-friendly-approach to home study. She explains how each child learns differently, and when you understand this, you can use the information to create a roadmap to happy, progressive and independent learning in your home.

Shaila Ittycheria

Shaila Ittycheria, tells how your students can apply for fabulous, one-year apprenticeships at fortune 500 companies.

Kip & Mona Lisa Harding TheBrainyBunchBook.com

The Hardings are a pretty extraordinary family. Serennah is the youngest female doctor in the US. and Rosannah is the youngest member of the Institute of Architects. You may have read about them in People magazine. What’s their secret?

Crystal Paine

Crystal Paine is the author of the popular blog MoneySavingMom.com.

Matthew Gollub

Award-winning author, Matthew Gollub, gives you tips on how your family can discover the joys of reading for fun.

Joe Romano

Do you have a child on the autism spectrum? Joe Romano’s developmental music therapy techniques reduce disruptive behaviors and improve learning.

Austin Pruitt

Homeschool graduate, Austin Pruitt, talks about how homeschooling is an environment where people can soar academically and socially.

Howard Berg

Howard Berg, the world’s fastest reader, is an expert in accelerated learning techniques. During his interview, he shows you how to double your learning rate!

Bobbie DePorter

Bobbi DePorter is the co-founder of Super Camp and an expert in quantum learning techniques. She tells you how homeschoolers have a “home-court advantage”.

Rachel DeMille

Rachel DeMille is co-creator of the popular homeschooling style known as Thomas Jefferson Education. She tells you how to shake off “conveyor belt thinking” and instead, create a passionate vision for your homeschool.

Lee Binz

Lee is affectionately known as The Home Scholar. She is an expert in high school homeschooling and tells you the five biggest mistakes to avoid.

Jeremy Stuart

Film maker and homeschooling dad, Jeremy Stuart, creator of the documentary, “Class Dismissed”, encourages you to undo your own conditioning and go with the flow.

Lee Giles

Yes, it’s possible to homeschool for free. Lee Giles created AllInOneHomeschool.com, which is a free K-12 homeschooling curriculum that uses entirely free resources.

Joanne Calderwood

Joanne Calderwood, author of a The Self-Propelled Advantage, tells you how to help your children develop motivation, self-mastery, and emotional intelligence.

Rebecca Kochenderfer

Rebecca Kochenderfer talks about the type of homeschooling that most often leads to burnout, and what you can do to avoid it.