gives you “A Helping Hand in Homeschooling”

Summer 2016 gives you
“A Helping Hand in Homeschooling”

“Watch in Amazement as Your Homeschool Becomes What You’ve Always Dreamed It Could Be!”

Welcome! We are so glad you can join us. You are not alone. Now you have a beautiful, loving support group and together we are going to help you give your children the education you have always dreamed about in your heart.

My name is Rebecca Kochenderfer. I am a homeschooling author and the CEO of I homeschooled for 20 years – from toddler to college – and it was a beautiful experience.

I remember when I first told my husband that I wanted to homeschool the kids. He said, “But what about socialization? What about college?” Yet, all three of our children have gone on to college. Our youngest is a senior this year, and her older sister is completing a Master’s program and will attend The London School of Economics this fall.

What type of education do you dream about for your children? I want to help you make that a reality. And the beautiful thing is that homeschooling doesn’t have to be hard.‘s “A Helping Hand in Homeschooling” program is designed to help make life so much easier and to save you time and money.

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Let me give you a sneak peek into some of the things we are covering in Fall 2017

In Week 1:

  • You start with the program and learn how to use the Helping Hand Hotline.
  • You find out if homeschooling is right for you.
  • You learn the homeschooling laws in your area.
  • We share our stories of how people responded when we told them we were going to homeschool.  (You are not alone)

In Week 2:

  • We’ll answer your frequently asked questions about homeschooling.

In Week 3:

  • You create a daily & weekly homeschooling schedule that works for YOU.

In Week 4:

  • You get to discover your child’s learning style!
  • You practice adjusting your teaching style to match their learning style.

In Week 5:

  • You learn about the different types of homeschooling (including Waldorf, Montessori, Classical, Unschooling, Unit Studies, Christian, Eclectic, Traditional, and Charlotte Mason) and decide what type of homeschooler you are!

In Week 6:

  • You start exploring all the wonderful curriculum choices available to you.
  • We will give you our product reviews and recommendations.
  • You give a hand to others by telling them about the products that you love.

In Week 7:

  • You find out what your child should be covering for his/her grade level.

In Week 8:

  • You bond with your child and find out what their #1 goal is.
  • Together, we help each other figure out how to make that dream a reality.
  • What are your goals for this semester? What are you hoping to accomplish?

In Week 9:

  • Now that you have your curriculum and you know your goals, it’s time to create your beautiful learning environment.
  • How do you want to organize your supplies?
  • Do you want to create learning centers in your home?

In Week 10:

  • This week, we are going to cover common problems and their solutions.
  • We will talk about self-care so you can avoid homeschool “burnout.”

I hope you can join us. The price is very low – just $20 a month – and you receive so much.

Can you see how wonderful this is and how much we cover?
And this is just the first 10 weeks!
We keep going from here and cover a lot about how to motivate your child to WANT to learn.

… but first, I want you to relax for a second and imagine something with me.

You wake up in the morning and instead of scrambling and nudging (or worse, yelling) at the kids to hurry up, cramming them into the car, and rushing off to school…

InsteadYou grab a cup of coffee, look over your plans for the day, and smile. It’s going to be a great day.

The kids wake up rested and relaxed. They are excited about their plans for the day. They are proud of what they are learning and accomplishing. At the dinner table that night, they eagerly share what they learned that day. Their eyes are bright and eager and your heart expands because you know you’re the one who made this beautiful experience possible.

You can’t wait to share your joy with your friends on the “Helping Hand in Homeschooling” Facebook group. You’ve been there for each other every step of the way – through the challenges and the joys – and you love being able to share your good news and thanking them for all their help and encouragement.

Sound far-fetched? It really isn’t. In fact, it’s much closer than you think.

Not long ago, my son stood in front of his friends and family to celebrate his high school graduation. When he hugged me and publicly thanked me for homeschooling him, it was such a beautiful moment that I had tears in my eyes.

And here’s the most amazing thing of all…

  • I loved doing it.
  • It’s enriched my life so much.
  • I realized I had become the kind of parent I had always wanted to be.

How to Have a Joyful and Loving Homeschool

Homeschooling is so much easier and so much more fun when you have a support group. has been supporting homeschoolers for over 20 years. There is a reason we are the #1 homeschooling community on the Internet. Let us give you a hand this semester. It makes such a difference. The textbook we use for this course is Homeschooling and Loving It!, which has sold over 30,000 copies. Here are some of the beautiful testimonials we have received:

Colleen Manuola
(homeschooling mom)

“I’ve always enjoyed homeschooling, but sometimes I felt tired and overwhelmed. I’ve learned so much from Rebecca. When I find out someone wants to homeschool, I give her a copy of Homeschooling and Loving It! so she can start out the right way.”


Blayne Liparoto
(homeschooling parent)

“Thank you, Rebecca! My children are so much happier and our days are so much smoother. Plus, I feel more confident that my children are learning what they need to know and that we are making good progress. Your book is a godsend!”


Joyce Herzog
(author, speaker & consultant)

“I’m loving Homeschool and Loving It! because it is well written, well-designed, and much needed! It clearly and simply starts at the beginning and shows the way to the end. It considers more than ‘school’ and goes on to incorporate all aspects of learning. Most importantly, it revolves around discovering and encouraging each child’s uniqueness and individuality. Whether you are new to the idea of homeschooling or just need to regain momentum or change direction, you’ll find this book most helpful. It guides you to think, design, and gather the resources to carry out a step-by-step homeschooling plan in which your family will thrive. Your biggest disappointment may be, like mine, when you come to the end and there is no more!”


Tamara Orr
(homeschooling author)

“Homeschooling is one of the most important choices a family will ever make. While the decision should be based on research and information, the daily routine of it needs to be based on a mutual passion for discovery, ongoing respect for each other, and the joy that learning as a family can bring. With Rebecca’s book in hand, it will be easy – and so worthwhile!”


The Secret is in “The System”

We take you week-by-week through a year of homeschooling. We help you:

  • find the type of curriculum that works best for you,
  • come up with a schedule that works for your family,
  • set and ACCOMPLISH your goals,
  • solve problems as they come up, and
  • connect with homeschoolers in your area so you and your children can make friends.


You will receive so much support!

  • You can participate in the live, weekly class (or you can listen to the recording).
  • If you have a problem, you can call the weekly hotline number and get instant help.
  • You get to be part of the “Helping Hand in Homeschooling” private Facebook group.

Just an hour each week with A Helping Hand can transform your life…

Win and Bill Sweet
(homeschooling grandparents)

“Rebecca can help you make sure that your homeschooling is joyful and comes from the heart.”


Marilyn Rocket
(author of Homeschooling at the Speed of Life)

“From cradle to college, Homeschooling and Loving It! covers just about all there is to know and do to love homeschooling. Newcomers will get off to a great start in their homeschooling and veterans will learn new things that can add joy and inspiration to their days. Rebecca Kochenderfer’s informative and encouraging style lifts and supports rather than piles on guilt. Her activities help put legs to your new knowledge, making this very useful for all family members. Homeschooling and Loving It! strikes a delightful balance in attainable ‘structure for a purpose’ while moving yourself and your children to life goals.”


Joanne Calderwood
(homeschool consultant)

“The best way to turn your children into self-learners is to get them excited about learning, and one of the best ways I know to get your children excited about learning is to follow Rebecca’s advice.”


I hope you can join us. The price is very low – just $20 a month – and you receive so much.

If you would like a helping hand and you would also like to offer your helping hand to others, then this close-knit group is for you.

This is the Road Map: Start Today and Have Your Best Homeschooling Year Ever!

(You can stop at any time.)

You get everything for just $20 a month.
Let’s take a closer look at what you receive.

  • We’ll show you how you can learn about the homeschooling laws in your area.
  • You’ll know where to find the best curriculum.
  • You’ll know your child’s learning style and which products support that style.
  • You’ll know how to organize your supplies.
  • You’ll know how to homeschool different grades at the same time.
  • You will have created a personalized learning plan for each of your children.

All this for just $20 a month!

I hope you will join us. We’ve created something special with “A Helping Hand in Homeschooling” and I hope you can be part of it.

I look forward to homeschooling with you!

Rebecca Kochenderfer
CEO & Co-Founder

P.S. For our textbook, we will be using Homeschooling and Loving It! so if you want to get a head start, you can order your copy from Amazon.

P.P.S. We will begin with week one on Friday, July 28, 2017. We record the calls so if you miss a week, you’ll be able to catch yourself up easily.

I’m excited to get to know you!
Rebecca and the entire team.

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