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FEBRUARY 7, 2018

Podcast: How To Unschool With Your Child’s Strengths & Interests

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Join us as we speak with Pat Farenga about the subject of “unschooling” and where this concept of independent learning came from. They talk about the pioneer of unschooling, John Holt, who said that children could teach themselves and didn’t need to be in a classroom in order to learn. Learning did not have to take place at home and it didn’t need to resemble schooling. Learn more about “unschooling” and the key concepts of using this method such as:

  • What exactly is “unschooling”?
  • Background information about John Holt and how his thoughts on how children learn best evolved over the years.
  • The importance of not duplicating school at home.
  • Allowing children to explore much like they do before five years old.
  • The concept of helping people do things better.

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