Episode 16: Homeschooling Resources: MindMuzicseries art
SEPTEMBER 26, 2019

Episode 16: Homeschooling Resources: MindMuzic

Homeschooling & Loving It!

By: Jamie Gaddy and Homeschool.com

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Welcome to The Homeschool Resource Series under the Homeschooling and Loving It Podcast… today we are here with the folks from Mind Muzic… a company that creates music with lyrics that promote learning! 


Kristopher is the talent behind Mind Muzic and is joining us today from the West Coast! 

Hello Kristopher – how are you?

Hi, Jamie I’m doing great, I’m here in Los Angeles California with my mom and co-founder, “Gayorgiahna.” 

{Mom} Hi, Jamie thanks for having us on your program we’re excited to be here. 

So tell us a little about your company, how did Mind Muzic find its beginning?

Well, first off it was my mom’s idea. Mind Muzic began when I was in the United States Army serving overseas. My mom called me and said we should create a hip-hop version of Schoolhouse Rock for my nephew to help them remember school topics.

Can you tell us just what Mind Muzic is?

Absolutely, Mind Muzic is an online music subscription program that offers teachers and homeschool parents an affordable and exciting way to teach History, Science, English, Math, and Vocabulary through music for grades k-12. 

Our mission is to motivate and educate children to learn more effectively and have fun doing it. 

Isn’t it amazing – how kids can remember EVERY LYRIC to EVERY SONG.

But sometimes can’t remember what they learned in school today? 

Mind Muzic songs are memorable and fun to learn!   

And That is why Mind Muzic is so effective. 

How do you choose what topics to turn into music?

That’s a great question, we take song requests from teachers and homeschool parents from around the world. We allow you, the audience to tell us what challenges you’re having with your children at home or in the classroom. What we would need from you is all the research and facts you desire to be taught, then we create new songs and add them to the library. 

I noticed that there were quizzes and other additional materials that may be available on your site soon – can you tell me about that?

Yes coming soon we will create individual lesson plans that will include a video, a review track, the lyrics, a quiz and the instrumental track so children can create their own ideas to music as well. 

How do you see Mind Muzic being used?

Many of our current users have adapted Mind Muzic into their daily routines. The most effective way to use Mind Muzic is just press play over and over again. It’s all about repetition. 

Remember learning is always happening with music. 

And Jamie, you would be surprised how some of our biggest advocates for Mind Muzic were parents who initially said they would never let their children listen to hip hop because of the negative stigma it sometimes carries.  

Mind Muzic is just a very effective way of learning and we are excited to share it with your home school audience. 

Awesome stuff! For my listeners, I’ll be including links to these resources in the show notes so be sure to check out Mind Muzic! 

Click here to visit MindMuzic!
Click here to visit Mind Muzic Bible Stories!

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