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OCTOBER 25, 2019

Episode 19: What to do When the Kids Aren’t Getting It!

Homeschooling & Loving It!

By: Jamie Gaddy and Homeschool.com

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Being a parent is tough. Homeschooling is even tougher. And, staying positive and consistent even when you aren’t seeing the fruit of your labor requires the patience of Job!

It’s one of the most difficult things that we’ll eve do whether we are homeschooling or not. We pour ourselves into our children every day and for some of us every hour of every day. And there are days when our children will seemingly forget or abandon those lessons we’ve been working so hard to instill in them.

It can be so discouraging especially when we think they’re getting it! And then seemingly all the fruit of our labor is  – – gone.

But dear friend, we don’t quite – WHY – because we’re parents. We love those kids even at their worst. WE’ll fight for them with our last breath… even if we wonder if we have a last breath.

It’s a lot. But I’m here to share that we can make it – we can keep on even if our labor appears to be in vain.

Because – dear friend – no matter what you may think TODAY you are investing in your children – and that huge investment is never in vain! It’s one of the best things you’ll ever do in this life.


But what about now?

What about today?

How will we get through the nasty now and now?

Let me share a few basic tips with you…

  1. As many of you know – I’m a Christian so personally, my faith in God is fundamental to my ability to parent and my ability to make it through each day. God is my strength and so first and foremost I ask Him for help.
  2. I ask God to help me be consistent. Consistency is key. Even though being consistent is what drains us – it’s vital!
  3. Focus on one thing, one habit, one character trait or one big struggle and make it your priority. Look for it in your kids and praise them if you see them doing it!
  4. Practice patience – I know I hear you – you feel like you’ve been so patient you don’t have any left. But find just one day more… don’t give up on the brink of a miracle!
  5. Make yourself reminders! I love writing Bible promises on cards to help me remember – but I also do this with other things I want to be intentional about. Reminding myself to watch for opportunities to catch my kids doing right – showing that fruit that I want to see! Praise is often the key because it encourages them to do it more!

Dear friend I hope that these few simple things that have helped me on dark days will help you today!

with grace and joy


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