Episode 36: Understand Your Constitution | Actress Janine Turnerseries art
SEPTEMBER 10, 2020

Episode 36: Understand Your Constitution | Actress Janine Turner

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By: Jamie Gaddy and Homeschool.com

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Janine TurnerThis year has been so evident that our nation is in trouble. And with that in mind, it is down to us… American citizens to know our laws, our rights, and even our constitution and understand the processes that the Founding Fathers embedded within our nation’s government for individuals to initiate and effect change.  We can each, no matter how old or young, be a part of that!

Joining us in Episode 36 is actress, Janine Turner. Janine is the founder of Constituting America as well as a three-time Golden Globe-nominated actress. You might know her from the popular tv shows Northern Exposure, Friday Night Lights, and even feature films like Cliffhanger and Steel Magnolias. She is well-known for her service and civic participation and most recently her development of Constituting America. Welcome, Janine!

The Constituting America Foundation is the only organization that utilizes music, movies, and television – kids’ own works – to inspire Americans of all ages to learn about the U.S. Constitution, by distributing their works through the national media. This year they are offering a full day of workshops and sessions geared toward educating and encouraging young people to get understand their constitution. Sign up for the Free Constitution Day Event here.

If you are interested in Janine speaking to your homeschool group about the Constitution or other aspects of government you can Book a Speech here.

One of my favorites was their Civil Civic Conversation Workshop! You can get in on that workshop during the Constitution Day Event by registering now! Constituting America’s program, “How to Have a Civil Civic Conversation,” gives your students the opportunity to learn about how to have a meaningful Civil Civic Conversation. In America’s current divisive atmosphere, it is important for students to learn how to listen and become informed about opposing points of view.  Through the Civil Civic Conversation process, students will discover how to be an active part of the political future of our country, exercising their first amendment rights, protected by the U.S. Constitution.

Constituting America also offers free 90-day study downloads covering everything from the Federalist Papers to the  Supreme Court, Congress, and the Constitution. This is a perfect and affordable way to add government studies to your homeschool.

Also, join their weekly Constituting America podcast on Soundcloud which includes students as well as professors from across the country elaborating on our Constitution as well as other important U.S. documents. We enjoyed having such a famous TV series and movie personality, thanks Janine.

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