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DECEMBER 5, 2019

Episode 22: How To Homeschool As A Single Parent

Homeschooling & Loving It!

By: Jamie Gaddy and Homeschool.com

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Hi everyone! Today’s podcast is all about homeschooling and working! – I know that is something that more and more homeschool parents are facing and it can be quite the challenge – But, we have a very special guest with us today, Andrea Dillon. Andrea is the face of A2Z Homeschool – – and if you’ve never visited over there you really need to. That’s A2ZHomeschooling.com. There is always great stuff happening at A2ZHomeschool so make sure you pay Andrea a visit!

Just to give our listeners some background  – – I think Andrea is amazing… and definitely one of my homeschool heroes. She not only homeschools her two children and works from home, but she is also a single mom – she is doing all of this herself!

So Andrea tell us a little about yourself, your children, and your work situation.

So how do you schedule your work and homeschooling hours? Do you keep them separate or do you work while the kids school?

Do you tend to be a pretty relaxed homeschooler? I have discovered over the years that it helps both the kids and I to have a more relaxed homeschool style.

Do you have a quitting time? How do you handle that?

I feel like one of the keys to homeschooling and working from home is the foundation. I had to teach my kids that there was a protocol (what to do when) when mom was working, and I also had to teach them how to be independent in more than just their school work. Have you found that to be true? (We’ll chat about examples of how we’ve both incorporated that in our homeschool)

Another aspect that I’ve intentionally tried to develop in our homeschool is automation. I use a planner – I have the kids use planners. We use chore charts – in the form of a community chalkboard. I feel strongly that we need to share the home responsibilities if I’m going to work. For example, I run the washing machine and dryer, but the kids do all the folding and putting away the laundry.  Do you agree? If so -How does that look in your homeschool?


Finally, I think being as efficient as possible really does make a difference. Is that true for you? 

For everyone that looks different, but our homeschool room is pretty small so if it gets trashed we definitely can’t work efficiently so keeping things organized and tidy in the room – also keeping the kid’s supplies organized and having a loose daily schedule really help us maximize what time we do spend homeschooling. 


Any closing words of encouragement for single working moms who are needing to homeschool and work?

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