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This is Episode 24 of Homeschool.com’s Homeschooling and Loving It podcast… and today we’re gonna be completely transparent and share with you the dozen or so things that I REALLY wish I had know when I first started homeschooling! 

So, back to my revelation of the 12 or so Things, I wish I had know BEFORE I started homeschooling… Some of these I guarantee will make you wonder – how in the world I DIDN’t know them… so no judging…  here we go!

Just for fun, I’m starting at the bottom of my list… 

#12 It’s so important to praise your kids. 

#11 Embrace – Guard – Protect – the fact that you CANT do it all. You can’t – I CAN’T –

#10 Take time for yourself – Don’t get me wrong… I’m not promoting self-centeredness – but there is truth in the fact that you can’t pour yourself into your family without first being full yourself. 

#9 Make your home a happy place. This ties in with the superwoman point – if your home has to be perfect 24/7 then your kids may feel that they can’t relax – can’t play- can’t have fun while homeschooling. Play fun music, play learning games, enjoy your homeschooling days together – – trust me they are over all too quick!

#8 Ease into homeschooling. Especially your first year, if you are completely new to this don’t jump in with an intensive curriculum. That will rob your joy faster than anything…  and a sure-fire way to discourage yourself on Day 1. Find your fit – find a rhythm that works for you and run with it.

#7 Ignore the naysayers. There will always be someone who thinks you’re crazy. Get used to it.

#6 Take Breaks! Long breaks – short breaks – snack breaks – whatever you need! There aren’t any homeschool nazis here… in fact, everyone will homeschool better and enjoy it more if you DO take breaks! 

#5 Don’t expect your children to learn alike. This was a big assumption that was also based on the next few I’ll mention.

#4 Homeschool doesn’t need to be “school at home” – Another one of my big “face-plants.”

#3 Embrace the Freedom – For a long time, I felt that we HAD to complete grades by a certain time or accomplish certain learning milestones. 

#2 Homeschooling Should Meet the Child Where they are – So in all of my trial and error – what I was missing most was the most important!

#1 Understand how your child learns… Yes, I’ve already mentioned that each child learns differently – and that homeschooling needs to meet them where they are – – but you can’t do either of those without truly gaining a working understanding of how your child learns – what makes them tick – what is their favorite way to learn? What is their learning personality? 


What have you learned through your journey? Share it with me, I love to hear your stories too!

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