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APRIL 17, 2020

Episode 29: How to Deal with Anxiety in Our Children

Homeschooling & Loving It!

By: Jamie Gaddy and Homeschool.com

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Right now – two things are at the forefront of our minds. 1 to protect ourselves and our loved ones from getting sick and 2 to protect ourselves and our loved ones from anxiety or fear. Throw in learning at home and working from home and it’s a mix that ripe for stress and anxiety.

But today I want to focus on dealing with anxiety in our children. As adults we can process and understand current events, but our children often lack the ability to completely make sense of this situation. Adding to their confusion is the endless conversation on television, radio, and even social media. Though they may not be directly watching or listening to these outlets, they are overhearing what their parents listen to.

So to understand how your child is doing or how they are handling their anxiety there are a few symptoms of anxiety that you can watch for. Sometimes these symptoms can be confused with troublesome behavior when in reality they are a response to the fear and stress they may be feeling. We can lookout for:

Outbursts, obstinate behavior, impatience, temper tantrums, withdrawal, lack of motivation, extreme competitiveness, persistent worry, fidgeting, headaches, stress, irritability, lack of appetite, headaches, stomach aches, inability to sleep, excessive sleeping, potty problems, and any changes that are out of the ordinary.

If you notice that your child has these symptoms, it’s a good idea to gently work up to a conversation about how they are feeling. To do this, it’s so important to make sure they are as relaxed as possible, make them feel safe, and loved and then open a conversation.

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