Episode 43: Black History Program Ideas | YAAHAseries art
DECEMBER 24, 2020

Episode 43: Black History Program Ideas | YAAHA

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By: Jamie Gaddy and Homeschool.com

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Here today to talk with us about ways we can include Black History in our homeschool are two wonderful ladies, Sandy Yocum and Frances Presley Rice with the Yocum African American Historical Association, also known as YAAHA.

Sandy is the founder and President of YAAHA and is joining us from Ohio, and Frances is the co-founder and vice president of YAAHA and is joining us from Florida.

Sandy and Frances thank you for joining us today!

About Yocum African American History Association

YAHAA is responsible for PROFILES OF AFRICAN AMERICAN SUCCESS which is an American documentary web series produced by award-winning filmmaker Bayer Mack for his production company Block Starz Music Television. This documentary series features short biographies of African-American businesses and entrepreneurs, and Frances Presley Rice is the screenwriter and Executive Producer of this documentary series.

Several of those documentaries are posted on the website of the Yocum African American History Association. I’ll make sure to include links to their website in the show notes.

However, one of the documentaries really stands out and features Frederick D. Patterson (1871-1932), a black man who had his own car company 100 years ago.

This untold automotive history documentary recounts how Frederick Patterson, a successful African-American entrepreneur, manufactured the Greenfield-Patterson automobile.

Frederick Patterson is the first black man known to have made cars during this period in American history. Hear his story in this podcast!

Help for Teaching Black History Studies in Your Homeschool

YAAHA has several well-researched resources that are perfect for use in a homeschooling setting. The links below will take you to each of them. However, to access the lesson plans you’ll need to register and share your email address, they will only use it to let you know of updates.

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