Episode 47: Finding Your Homeschool Method | Sonya Shaferseries art
FEBRUARY 5, 2021

Episode 47: Finding Your Homeschool Method | Sonya Shafer

Homeschooling & Loving It!

By: Jamie Gaddy and Homeschool.com

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One of the first questions homeschool parents tend to ask is,  “What methods are out there to help me teach my children?” Today we have special guest, Sonya Shafer from Simply Charlotte Mason with us to speak to those methods. You’ll get “broad strokes” of what the five main methods of homeschooling are and what they entail, and then we encourage you to take some time to dig deeper to see if any of these fit your family personality.

  • Traditional Homeschooling Method
  • Classical Homeschooling Method
  • Charlotte Mason Homeschooling Method
  • Unit Study Homeschooling Method
  • Unschooling Homeschool Method

Sonya shared her information with a free download here.

Take our Homeschool Methods quiz to help you narrow down which methods might be a good fit for you. (Take it more than once to see if you might have a few affinities – that may mean your eclectic!)

Visit our Homeschool Methods resource page to find out more in-depth information about the various methods.

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