Episode 48: Setting Up Your Homeschool Room | Leah Hudsonseries art
FEBRUARY 11, 2021

Episode 48: Setting Up Your Homeschool Room | Leah Hudson

Homeschooling & Loving It!

By: Jamie Gaddy and Homeschool.com

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I’m so thrilled that the homeschooling community has grown by leaps and bounds… But I’m finding that more and more homeschool families are doing double duty. Most are homeschooling and working from home. This is a wonderful opportunity – but it’s not without challenges! 

The question that we get from many parents who are trying to juggle so much, is how to set up their home in a way that creates and fosters a learning environment. 

There really are many ways to accomplish this…and I think every seasoned homeschool mom would have some helpful tips – I invited Leah to share because I found several articles on her website Simple.Home.Blessings.com that were super helpful. 

So Leah is here today to speak to this common homeschool challenge.  Speaking for myself  – I’ve been a homeschooler for over a decade and still I search for helpful tips and advice on how to setup my homeschool and get things organized. 

  1. Where should we start with using our home for learning? Our homes are used for living, homeschooling, and sometimes working from home… how can we create an atmosphere that is conducive to all three – But most especially learning.
  2. Why is organization so important?
  3. How do you set up your homeschool? Ideas for using a room – kitchen table? Practical tips for making each work well?
  4. Staying on top of teaching materials/supplies/printables
  5. Streamlining our system – from scheduling to curriculum – the organization is more than just a clean/neat house but affects our time, our thinking, and our routines.


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