Episode 49: Teaching for Independent Learning | Joanne Calderwoodseries art
FEBRUARY 18, 2021

Episode 49: Teaching for Independent Learning | Joanne Calderwood

Homeschooling & Loving It!

By: Jamie Gaddy and Homeschool.com

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Finding it overwhelming to work and homeschool, even with one child? Got more than one child? Is keeping everything straight making you lose your mind?

We totally get it! Joanne and Jamie are both moms to a big “mess of crazy kids” (14 kids between the two of them) and discovered early on that teaching for independence is an integral part of SAVING YOUR SANITY. Today, Moms and Dads alike are working while homeschooling and finding ways to manage both can be quite the challenge.

Listen in as experienced homeschool mom Joanne shares how she began her journey of teaching her children to be “self-propelled” learners. You’ll be amazed at her suggestions and inspired by how her self-propelled homeschool kids turned out!

For a free copy of her self-propelled student planner email Joanne at [email protected].

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About the Series

Where'd my instruction manual go??? I know we've all wondered that about parenting and homeschooling! Join us as we chat about the big stuff and everything in-between! Helping homeschoolers with practical teaching tips to find all they need to Homeschool and Love it!!