Episode 55: Alternatives For College Credit | Jennifer Cook DeRosaseries art
APRIL 1, 2021

Episode 55: Alternatives For College Credit | Jennifer Cook DeRosa

Homeschooling & Loving It!

By: Jamie Gaddy and Homeschool.com

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We’ve been talking about homeschooling high school this month… and I’ve been trying to encourage parents who are on the fence that they can do it. AND they can do it well.

One area that I get a lot of questions about is that of alternative ways to earn college credit. Listen in as we discuss a variety of ways to earn college credit, including some without your typical college course.


What are your recommendations for a high school plan that includes alternative college credits?

(1) Earning college credit that aligns with a high school plan.  This is as simple as matching up CLEP exams that coordinate to your teen’s high school courses and using dual enrollment courses if they are available.

(2) Associate degree through dual enrollment.  Families that have access to dual enrollment will also have access to college advisors.  They’ll help you pick courses that meet their associate degree requirements, and your teen can work towards completing a full associate degree in high school.

(3) Bachelor’s degree planning in high school.  This 4-part series addresses this unique goal that some families have.  In this pathway, a parent maps out alternative credits (like AP, CLEP, DSST, Sophia, Studycom, Straighterline, etc.) to match up with a college’s bachelor’s degree requirements.  To be clear, when parents do this, they are doing this without the support or guidance of a college. Most colleges do not endorse this kind of planning, and are unlikely to help you in any significant way.

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