Episode 77: Tips for Homeschool Record Keeping with Corrina from Modifyseries art
AUGUST 3, 2023

Episode 77: Tips for Homeschool Record Keeping with Corrina from Modify

Homeschooling & Loving It!

By: Jamie Gaddy and Homeschool.com

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With the growing popularity of homeschooling and the wide selection of materials and resources that are now available, we know that it can be difficult for homeschoolers to find what they need and the basics of what they need to do to organize and keep records in their homeschool. In fact, over the years I’ve often had many questions about what records I needed to keep.

Today Corrina and I are going to discuss homeschool record keeping – – I know this is often a worrisome topic for many homeschool parents. Sometimes we are just not sure what is needed to keep good homeschooling records. It’s our goal today to help clarify just what the homeschooled family needs to be doing to maintain good records. Sometimes it can be difficult to understand.

For some families, the state in which they live will dictate what records are needed. Some states require details while other states require nothing at all.

Modify has developed an app that makes homeschool record-keeping simple. It’s perfect for those families that are more hands-on learning and less formal learning. Students can record and track learning moments independently as well as typical parental tracking. In fact, unschooling families love the Modify app.

Discover all the amazing things that Modify can help you with your homeschool. Click here to learn more about their app!

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