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You can homeschool preschool on a tight budget or even no budget at all! You’ll find free preschool homeschool printables that cover just about everything needed to homeschool your preschooler. In fact, free homeschool printables and tools for your homeschool are what is all about. We hope you enjoy our in-house created homeschool printables!

Time4Learning Homeschool Curriculum

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General Help Printables for Homeschooling

Homeschooling and Loving It Book preschool homeschool

Homeschooling and Loving It! Workbook – You’ll want to grab this amazing free homeschool resource that is perfect for preschool homeschoolers. This is step 1 for any homeschooling family. The workbook takes you through common homeschool situations and helps homeschool parents know what to expect.




Printable Homeschool Mom Planner


Sanity Saver Homeschool Planner – Homeschool organization like never before and perfect for the homeschool mom that has everything to do! This bundle includes both a planner, meal planner, and homeschool record-keeping pages! If you don’t like printing your own you can find the full-color printed version available on Amazon.

Back to Homeschool Planner  – This set is an add-on to the flagship Sanity Saver Homeschool Planner.  Find checklists to help back-to-homeschool go smoothly and a printable grade book to help you keep track of homeschool grades.



Free Printable Monthly Homeschool Calendar Pack for preschool homeschool


Monthly Calendars -Print the monthly homeschool calendar for all members of the family or one to post in a community area. We love having a printable homeschool calendar to help us plan and stay organized!




Writing Truth EBook


Year-Long Copy Work eBook (faith-based) – This full-year copy work curriculum based on scripture verses is perfect for a daily morning starter as well as a journal-writing topic. You’ll find beautifully designed pages that coordinate with our other free homeschool printables.




Homeschool End of the Year Checklist


End-of-the-Year Checklist – Not sure what needs to be gathered by the end of the homeschool year? shares the checklist all homeschooling parents need as the end of the school year nears!





Learning Milestones Checklist– Wondering what your child needs to learn in each grade? Print our checklist to help you keep track of what you need to teach.

Printable Portfolio Pack – If you plan on using the Portfolio Method in your homeschool this downloadable portfolio organizer is a great tool!

Learning Styles Quiz – Not sure about how your child learns best? Take this quick quiz to determine their preferred methods of learning.

The Custom Home Learning Plan – This plan will help you organize your homeschool year.

The Easy 3-Step Scheduler – Not sure where to start with homeschool scheduling, this schedule how-to walks you through it all the way.

101 Things to Do This Summer – Just for fun! What will you do this summer?

Free Preschool Homeschool Printables from

Preschool Homeschool Alphabet Practice

(New) A-Z Animal Alphabet Flashcards (full set)

(New) Kindergarten Alphabet Sorting Practice (full set)

(New) Uppercase Handwriting Strips Complete Alphabet

(New) Kindergarten Alphabet Handwriting Practice Pages (full set)

(New) Kindergarten Alphabet Worksheet (More Difficult- full set)

(New) Alphabet Coloring Pages K-4th (full set)

Preschool Homeschool Handwriting Practice

(New) PreK Handwriting Trace the Alphabet with Huge Letters full set

(New) Handwriting Print Practice Guide and Blank Page

See bottom of page for the newest Preschool Homeschool Large Alphabet Practice

Trace the Words that Start with A

Preschool Homeschool Numbers Practice

(New) Pre-K Number Flashcards 1-9

(New) Pre-K Number Flashcards 0 – 9 Tally Marks – full set

(New) Pre-K number Value Worksheets full set

(New) Pre-K 0-9 Number Hunt Practice

(New) Number 1-10 trace, practice, and color

(New) Kindergarten Number Practice 1-10

Preschool Homeschool Shape Practice

(New) PreK-Kindergarten Shapes set

(New) PreK Shape Sorting/Flashcards

Preschool Color Practice

Color Flashcards Set

PreK and K Color Practice Worksheets

Color Practice Workbook

Fine Motor Skills for Preschoolers

(NEW) Symmetry Drawing Workbook

Pumpkin Scissor Skills

Scarecrow Color-by-Number

Fall Leaves Worksheet

Fall Matching

Apple Trees Line Practice

Picking Apples Color-by-Number

Preschool Motor Skills Patch Game

Trace the Shapes Practice

Matching Game

Line Tracing for Preschoolers

Paper Doll Cutout

Let’s Draw Circles 

Let’s Learn Colors and Shapes

Let’s Identify Numbers

Number Practice – How Many

Count How Many People (faith-based)

Simple Addition Worksheet

Trace the Word Number 15

Let’s Learn L and l

Let’s Practice Number Matching

Let’s Name the Animal

Let’s Match the Animal With It’s Name

Let’s Read: Consonant Word Match

Let’s Learn About Healthy Foods

Early Reader: Letters m,n,p,s with “ail”

Phonics Rhyming Words

Show Me a Story Printable Kit

Field Trip Checklist

50 States Under God (faith-based) – History for Young Learners (Age 4- Grade 2)

My State History Funbook (faith-based) (Age 4 – Grade 2)

Let’s Classify (faith-based) – 300 picture cards to help preschoolers learn how to classify. Perfect free homeschool printables for preschool early language development.

Free Preschool Homeschool Printables from Outside Resources

My Teaching Library – This site has a paid section, but also some pretty nice preschool homeschool worksheets in their freebies section. Does contain faith-based resources.

Time4Learning Free Printables – A great selection of multi-subject and multi-grade printables.

Free Printable Paper Doll (faith-based site) – Melissa Thomsen is a home-educated, illustrator and designer. Check out her paper dolls, for a little old-fashioned fun. Perfect free homeschool printables for preschool fun!

Christian Preschool Printables  (faith-based) – Free Pre-K Homeschool Printables for Christian homeschoolers.