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Use this time-tested method to discover what other homeschoolers are saying about homeschool curriculum.

Homeschool Curriculum Reviews

Homeschool product reviews make finding a great homeschool curriculum easy! Discover what other homeschool families think about homeschool curriculum, resources, and tools. Over the years, we’ve learned that “word of mouth” is the greatest recommendation no matter what homeschool curriculum we are considering. In fact, our team of experienced homeschool parents still turn to homeschool curriculum reviews when searching for a new curriculum or resource. Use the categories below to search our extensive homeschool curriculum reviews section.
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Homeschool Curriculum Reviews by Age

If you would rather discover homeschool curriculum reviews using the age of your child, you’ll find several age groups for our product reviews below. There are so many amazing homeschool programs out there that it is so helpful to use homeschool product reviews, both written and video, to help you discover your best fit homeschool curriculum!

Tips for Finding A Great Homeschool Curriculum

I think we're all thankful for the extensive amount of homeschool curriculum and tools that are available in today's market. But on the flip side, that can make finding a good fit homeschool curriculum like looking for a needle in that proverbial haystack. And, whether you are a beginner or an experienced homeschooler, we all have the same struggle of sorting through those amazing homeschool resources to find the "one" we are looking for. After doing this for years, we've found a few tips that help to narrow the search down.
  • Clarify what type of homeschool method you will use to teach. If you need help, you can take our homeschool methods quiz here.
  • Determine what type of learner and what learning strengths your child has. If you need help, you can take our learning preferences quiz here.
  • Discover homeschool curriculum and tools that align with the previous two. Use our HomeschoolCurriculum Finder tool to help.
  • Request free trials and free samples of the homeschool curriculum you like. Have the kids take it for a test drive and see how they like it!
  • Once you know which homeschool curriculum is a good fit, commit and place your order!