Apologia Homeschool Product Review

Apologia Product Review

  • Grades: K-12
  • Subjects: Science, Math, Social Studies
  • Category: Religious
  • Format: Textbook
  • Price: Varies per product. Anywhere from $13 to $315

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How to Use Apologia

Apologia is the #1 publisher of creation-based science and Bible curriculum with more than 75 #1 awards from homeschool parents and media. Apologia produces content that is written to the student in an engaging conversational style.

The textbooks are academically sound, rigorous, and college-prep. Each one is also Christ-centered and creation-based and adheres to a biblical worldview. Apologia has curricula for all ages, and it is easy to implement. Apologia works great for teaching science to multiple ages at once, which is perfect for large homeschooling families.

Apologia also has an online academy where students can take live and graded classes, as well as courses that they can work on at their own pace. The online academy is divided into four departments: science, mathematics, Christian worldview, and the department of language, literature, and government. Apologia has sample classes available for you to preview.

We’ve always loved the book extras that Apologia makes available to homeschoolers who have purchased materials. The elementary level science was a perfect fit for all six of our children when they were young. The way the texts are written using conversational style made it very simple to teach even the most difficult science concepts.

Apologia Program FeaturesApologia Homeschool Product Review

  • Courses in science and worldview for all grades, math for elementary, and social studies for high school.
  • Textbooks formats
  • Audiobooks available
  • eBook options
  • CD companion guides
  • DVD companion guides
  • Science kits with complete experiment supplies
  • Available in bundles or individual products

Apologia Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
  • Courses can be found in various formats. Textbook, audiobook, and eBook!
  • Easily bundle materials for a complete course experience
  • Based in science fact while supporting a Christian worldview
  • May still need supplemental materials for visual learners.
  • Bundles can become expensive. Without the bundle, though, students may miss out on enlightening experiences.
  • Likely not suitable for secular homeschoolers

Apologia Pricing Information

The price of Apologia’s curriculum varies per product. Homeschool families are free to purchase individual products for as little as $13, or they may bundle numerous products and spend hundreds. Shop around the website to narrow down your needs and estimate the cost for your family.


Can I use calculators with your courses? If so, what kind should I use?

  • “YES!! You should definitely use a calculator with our courses.

    There are several recommended, but the biggest feature to note is that it needs to be a SCIENTIFIC calculator. There are two important reasons for this. Scientific calculators allow you to enter numbers in scientific notation. When you are doing math with scientific notation, that makes things a lot easier. Also, scientific calculators understand order of operations. Thus, you can enter:

    1 + 3×2

    into such a calculator and get the proper answer, which is 7, because the calculator knows that it must multiply before it adds. A non-scientific calculator will give you and answer of 8 to this, because it will add 3 to 1 and THEN multiply by 2, which is not correct.”

Are the Apologia high school courses considered AP?

Do you have a document listing course descriptions and content?

  • “Yes. If you need the course descriptions or content for transcripts, NCAA forms, or anything else, you can use the Jr. & Sr. High Scope & Sequence document shown below.  If you need a course not listed there, you can use the course description listed in our catalog or on the website with each individual title. You can pair that with the table of contents for the information needed.Jr. & Sr. High Science Scope & Sequence”

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