Beestar Homeschool Product Review

Beestar Product Review

  • Grades: 1st-8th (separate division for 9-12th)
  • Subjects: Math, LA, Science, Social Studies, Vocabulary
  • Category: Non-Religious
  • Format: Online
  • Price: Term fees vary from $20-$30 per week. May depend on number of subjects.

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How to Use Beestar is an innovative online math and reading curriculum provider for kids! Beestar has helped children all over find success with learning. Since its inception, Beestar is run by voluntary community teachers and parents. Most Beestar developers are also its active users, who have witnessed the positive changes the exercises bring to their students. They are committed to expanding and improving the program to benefit more families: in greater Houston, in Texas, and nationwide.

The Beestar team and parents share the same goal: to raise happy and confident kids with a bright future!

Beestar Program FeaturesBeestar Homeschool Product Review

Parents can adjust learning to individualize Beestar courses to their student’s needs. With approximately 20 minutes per week, students can master the core knowledge and skills needed. An added benefit is that Beestar gives motivational recognition each week! Don’t miss Beestar’s award-winning FREE printable math worksheets! Provided as a complimentary addition, printable worksheets allow students to practice pure math calculations on paper that complements Beestar’s online programs.

Beestar targets grades 1-8 in both math and language arts. There is also a 9-12th grade division for students needing ACT and SAT prep assistance.

Beestar Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
  • Affordable
  • Helps avoid learning gaps
  • Offers a national competition
  • Offers a group discount
  • Pricing is difficult to understand.
  • May not be fully customizable.
  • Could feel too challenging  or structured.
  • Homeschool families often don’t qualify for group discounts on their own.

Beestar Program Pricing

Math exercises are free.

Language Arts, Science, Social Studies and Vocabulary are $30 semester for two exercises per week.

Beestar FAQs

  • Could you summarize what Beestar Elementary School site offers?

Beestar Elementary School website offers curriculum-based online programs for students. They include math, English language arts (ELA), vocabulary, science, social studies, and GT (gifted & talented) math exercises.

After setting up an account (membership sign-up), every semester you can log in to select/register a weekly math program for free, for as long as you want, without any obligation. If you want a fee-based program (ELA, vocabulary, science, social studies, or GT math), for a $20-$30 fee, your student can use the program for a whole semester (2 exercises per week).

In each fall and spring semester, Beestar also holds national math competitions. Students will have a chance to meet their friends in other states to compete and study together. The process brings more interest and fun to learning.

  • What are the Beestar Progressive Exercise (BPE) programs?

Beestar Progressive Exercise (BPE) is a systematic knowledge application and skill-practice system designed to help students master what they have learned in school.

BPE programs are based on the Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills (TAKS) system, with many additions from the Virginia Standards of Learning (SOL) system, Massachusetts MCAS system, and the California STAR Program.

Beestar Progressive Exercise (BPE) covers the core subjects such as math, English language arts (ELA), vocabulary, science, and social studies. Most exercises follow the standard test format with multiple-choice problems. Exercise topics are arranged in the public-school curriculum sequence, at a slightly faster pace. They are designed to provoke students’ learning interests and to help them master fundamental skills.

With these after-school trainings, students are more likely to make excellent grades, have more confidence in the classroom, and build a solid academic foundation for their future career endeavors.

  • How do your exercise programs work?

Parents log in (using parent email) to select and register exercise programs for their students at the beginning of every semester (term).

When the term starts, in each program, a student needs to complete 2 exercises every week. They are posted on the student’s home page on Sunday and due at midnight of the next Saturday (CST). The student can work on them any time during the week. Each exercise takes about 10 minutes to complete. After the due time, the exercises are switched to the past week. The student can still work on them, but the scores are no longer counted for rankings after the deadline.

Parents can keep track of their student’s progress online and read exercise results at the end of each week. The student’s achievements and rankings are reported, too.

BPE programs start and end following the school semesters (terms) in the Sugar Land area. Each semester has 18 exercise weeks and 1 review week. Fall and spring have different exercise items.

Beestar also offers 8-week summer terms. Summer is the last term of the school year. It is designed to prepare students for the next grade level in the fall.

For more information about BPE programs, please visit the complete introduction to Progressive Exercise (a menu link on the left-side).

  • My student is just a first grader. Is he/she ready to use Beestar on the computer?

For a first-grader, doing anything independently is a challenge. At the beginning, you should sit together with your student from the start to the end of an exercise and assist him/her through the process. Then, you can gradually let your student handle more until he/she is comfortable to do it independently. Depending on the progress, most students grasp the skills within 2 weeks, while others may take longer. Many first graders use Beestar’s online programs every week with only minor help from parents.

Beestar offers programs for first graders and up. We do not have kindergarten exercises. Children in kindergarten probably should have more playful activities for their age. If your kindergartener enjoys online math or ELA, you may guide him/her to try some first-grade exercises.