Breaking the Barrier

Breaking the Barrier
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Breaking the Barrier is a leader in print and digital language learning. Featuring instruction in Spanish, French, and English for Spanish speakers, Breaking the Barrier provides students with a solid understanding of language fundamentals as well as cultural insights from around the world. The Homeschool Package contains everything you need for an entire year’s worth of foreign language instruction! Students will come away from this program with not only a firm grasp on a new language but also a unique understanding of people they might not otherwise study.

Breaking the Barrier offers many things to love. Our favorite, however, is the fact that the workbook-textbook with all lessons and exercises, accompanying audio with hours of recordings from native speakers, answer key, the testing program (with answers!), and the handy Oasis Travel Dictionary, are also available in the iTunes App Store! That means you get tons of great materials without the need for extra shelf space to store them all.

Grade Level: all grades
Parent involvement: medium
Demographics: independent or one-on-one
Religious Alignment: none
Homeschooling Method: traditional textbook
Learning styles: activities, hands-on, interactive
Format: workbooks digital download