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Calvert High School

The Calvert High School courses are built as completely digital courses. All digital content is available in the Calvert Teaching Navigator platform online and not as an e-book. There is a complete list of textbooks and other resources that align with the courses available for those who want additional support or learning away from technology.

Students may enroll in the Calvert High School through several program options:

  • Calvert Classic – Calvert Classic is designed for families who want to homeschool their 9th grader and have the parent serve as the primary instructional support for the student. Calvert Classic includes the Calvert Curriculum with no additional services or support from Calvert, other than access to our Education Counselors.  The parent is the student’s primary instructor and Calvert equips them to successfully teach the curriculum to the student.
  • Mastery Transcript – This is a blending of Classic and Academy in that it is a teamwork approach between the parent and teacher that provides a path to a diploma for homeschoolers. Students are taught on a day-today basis by their parent or other responsible adult and then have their work graded by a Calvert teacher to ensure student mastery of the material.
  • Calvert Academy – The Calvert Academy is designed for families who want their student to attend a private online high school on a full-time basis. Calvert teachers are the student’s primary instructor in each course. Students enroll in a full schedule of courses and attend online sessions with other Calvert High School students, creating unique opportunities for peer relationships and engagement. Learn more about Calvert Academy.
  • Individual Courses – Students wishing to supplement their existing curriculum may select to enroll in individual courses either with or without Instructional Services. 

One of the things that separates Calvert from other online options, is that they use a Learn, Use, Teach pedagogy which takes students out of the virtual world, asks them to work with what they know/explore topics and ideas in ways that have meaning to them, and helps them create an understanding about what they learn. This is great—and certainly helps with retention.


  • Learn.  Students gather information through a variety of means—on the computer, out in the world, and through the exploration of both abstract and concrete concepts
  • Use.  Students manipulate information—they test its validity, look at it from cross-curricular perspectives, connect bits of information, and gauge the reliability of information
  • Teach.  Students actively engage with others to understand information—they use data to solve real-life challenges, involve others in understanding how information connects, or draw on others’ perspectives to synthesize a broader perspective. Since each Teach aspect results in some sort of academic product, each student’s Teach work is collected into a portfolio and becomes part of the student’s academic record—which is pretty cool!

To view the Calvert High School Program Guide, click here.

If your kids aren’t quite ready for High School, pre-K-8th Grade is available from Calvert as well.