Career in STEM Homeschool Curriculum Review

Summary of Career in STEM Homeschool Curriculum Review

  • Grades: PreK-1, 4-12
  • Subjects: STEM, Science
  • Category: Non-religious
  • Format: PDF/Zip downloads, online
  • Price: varies by curricula choice

Visit the Career in STEM website here.

How to Use Career in STEM in Your Homeschool

Career in STEM is a unique program that introduces children to different possible careers in the STEM field. With lessons, games, activities, and more, your child will be exposed to so many interesting careers that they may choose one day to pursue, such as:

  • Astronaut
  • Civil Engineer
  • Forester
  • Landscape Architect
  • Submarine Sonar Technician
  • Veterinarian
  • X-Ray Technician
  • Zoologist
  • …and so much more!!

Career in STEM Highlights

Career in STEM offers many different curricula and bundle options:

  • Preschool STEM Curriculum: Can be used for grades PreK-1st. It uses 26 lessons, including one STEM activity for each letter of the alphabet. In each lesson, students role-play as a STEM professional (ex: work as an astronaut and go on a space scavenger hunt!).
  • Intro to Computer Science Lesson Bundle: For grades 4-8
  • STEM Careers of the Month Posters Bundle of 12 with online career exploration: For grades 5-10
  • Middle School STEM Career Exploration Curriculum: 30 no-prep, hands-on lessons for grades 6-8
  • Medical Career Exploration STEM Activities Bundle: For grades 6-8
  • Engineering Career Exploration STEM Bundle: 12 Fun Engineering Activities for grades 6-8
  • STEM Careers Posters 40 Pack with online STEM career activities (English & Spanish) for grades 6-12
  • Computer Science Poster Bundle Set of 5: for grades 6-12
  • STEM Career Poster Bundle: 13 posters with online STEM activities for grades 6-12
  • Careers With Animals Life Science Bundle: for grades 6-9
  • STEM Career Exploration Games Bundle: Fun for grades 6-12
  • STEM Career Exploration Webquests Bundle: Who doesn’t love a good WebQuest?! For grades 6-11
  • Space Career Exploration STEM Activities Bundle: for grades 6-10
  • Environmental Science STEM Lessons and Career Exploration Bundle (Earth Day): for grades 6-12
  • STEM Challenge Bundle: 29 distance learning STEM career exploration mini-courses for grades 8-10
  • Ultimate Career Readiness & Job Shadow System: a career readiness curriculum for grades 8-12
  • Job Shadow Bundle: Editable templates, presentation, scavenger hunt, and more for grades 8-12
  • Homeschool Career In STEM Explorer (Lifetime Family License): For grades 6-10, includes:
    • nearly 200 STEM career profiles with virtual job shadow, info sheet in English & Spanish, and resume building Try It activity
    • new careers added weekly
    • online STEM Career Scavenger Hunt activity
    • no annoying logins or accounts – just click and discover!
    • standards alignment charts for TEKs, NGSS, and ACTE
    • exclusive monthly STEM career challenge
    • $500 summer scholarship contest
    • digital portfolio for students to showcase their work, share feedback with peers, and build their resume

Career in STEM Pros and Cons


  • So many different options for learning
  • Exposure to many different STEM topics/careers
  • Affordable
  • Children can learn independently or with parental involvement


  • With free trials to view some content before purchase, there are no cons we could find.

Additional Comments from Career in STEM Users

“I would like to thank you for all the new things I learned on this site. Very educational. Don’t stop doing your job, we will always need you.” – Esperanza, middle school student from NYC

“I like how all the activities were hands-on. Way different than what we usually do in school.’” – Josh, summer camp student from CT

“I never knew STEM could be so many things. I am definitely more interested in a STEM career now!” – Aaliyah, 7th grade Explorer student from California

“It was really creative, I liked the hands-on projects I can do using the list and how it was connected to a real world issue that I can help solve.” Sarah, middle school student