College Prep Genius’s Product Reviews

College Prep Genius – High School – $99/100% money-back guarantee

College Prep Genius

College Prep Genius helps students master the strategies behind the SAT and learn how
to get the correct answers. College Prep Genius takes students step by step through each section of the SAT [Critical Reading, Math, Writing,] and gives them a plan for success for each question type. The College Prep Genius DVD set includes a handbook, DVDs, and a workbook (pictured above), and has recently been updated and revised, with new strategies and detailed explanations. This is a very thorough program!
The handbook is 325 pages and includes-

  • Part I: Introduction to the SAT
  • Part II: The Critical Reading Section (passage-based reading, sentence completion and more)
  • Part III: The Math Section (strategies, shortcuts, hidden patterns, specific rules and more)
  • Part IV: The Writing Section (the essay, sentence error, improving sentences and improving paragraphs)
  • Part V: Scholarship Search information
  • Part VI: Journal for Test Success
  • And Important Appendixes.

In addition, the handbook contains important transcript information, info on where to find actual College Board tests, tips on taking the real SAT test (vs. practice tests), a college prep checklist, six pages of essay topics, tips for conquering the college interview, and more.

The DVD set includes 4 DVDs, which contain twelve-45 minute (approx.) lessons. The DVDs cover all three sections of the SAT & PSAT/NMSQT and provide a thorough review of the College Prep Genius curriculum. The DVDs coordinate with the workbook. As a student listens to the instructional segments, s/he should follow along in his/her workbook.
After each lesson, there is corresponding homework that reinforces the information learned in the lesson. In addition to workbook examples, students should work actual College Board problems (access to “The Official SAT Study Guide” by the College Board is necessary). Homework and workbook answers are provided on the College Prep Genius site.
The College Prep Genius program is appropriate for home use and for co-op settings as well. The 12 DVD lessons can easily be integrated into regular weekly classroom sessions with minimal preparation for parents and co-op leaders. It’s simple, easy-to-follow, and does not require expertise regarding standardized testing. To teach a class, a DVD set is necessary and each student needs their own handbook and workbook .
In the classes, interesting myths are de-bunked, including —

  • The SAT tests a student’s knowledge
  • Students take the SAT in their senior year
  • The PSAT/NMSQT is a practice SAT and not all that important
  • Students only have one chance at the PSAT/NMSQT
  • Students must get every answer right for a perfect score
  • SAT questions are in order of difficulty
  • And more

The cost for The College Prep Genius DVD set is just $99(wow–what a deal!). Plus, if you are not satisfied with the College Prep Genius program, you can send it back within the first 30 days to get your money back–so, really, there is no risk whatsoever.
And since completing the program successfully can result in thousands, or tens of thousands in college savings–why wouldn’t you look into College Prep Genius?