College Prep Genius Homeschool Product Review


  • Grades: High School
  • Subjects: Test Prep
  • Category: Non-Religious
  • Format: Traditional,Text, eCourses, and Live Boot Camps
  • Price: Paid, Free Versions

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College Prep Genius Homeschool Product Review

What is College Prep Genius?

College Prep Genius takes students step by step through each section of the SAT [Critical Reading, Math, Writing,] and gives them a plan for success for each question type.

The handbook is 325 pages and includes-

  • Part I: Introduction to the SAT
  • Part II: The Critical Reading Section (passage-based reading, sentence completion and more)
  • Part III: The Math Section (strategies, shortcuts, hidden patterns, specific rules and more)
  • Part IV: The Writing Section (the essay, sentence error, improving sentences and improving paragraphs)
  • Part V: Scholarship Search information
  • Part VI: Journal for Test Success
  • And Important Appendixes.

In addition, the handbook contains important transcript information, info on where to find actual College Board tests, tips on taking the real SAT test (vs. practice tests), a college prep checklist, six pages of essay topics, tips for conquering the college interview, and more.

The SAT Fundamentals eCourse

Hosted by author Jean Burk, the course covers all three sections of the new SAT & PSAT/NMSQT and is a thorough review of the College Prep Genius curriculum. This edition of the “Master the SAT Class” breaks this revolutionary curriculum into 12 easy lessons.

This SAT Prep Course program takes students step by step through each section of the SAT [Reading, Math, Writing and Language and the Essay] and gives them a plan for success for each question type.

• One-Year Membership Access to eCourse

• Easy-to-use format

• 12 straight forward online lessons

• Complete Homework Guide

• Checklist for Success

• Motivation test

Bonus material included:

• Appendixes of must know math terms

• Latin roots, and prefixes and suffixes

• Journal for success PDF Download

Master the SAT Boot Camp

Included in class?

• The College Prep Genius Class teaches strategies and tips to ace the SAT & PSAT/NMSQT that have helped tens of thousands of students raise their test scores hundreds of points.

• 10 hours of course instruction divided into a multi-day format, this award-winning, and premier prep program introduces a unique approach to standardized test-taking for all the sections: Evidence-Based Reading, Writing and Language, Math and the Essay.

• Bonus College Prep Genius Fundamental eCourse. Bonus eCourses are available after class. Not Before.

• College Prep Genius Workbook (Hard Copy)

College Prep Genius Workbook