Dad’s Worksheets

Author: James Scheller

For over ten years, has provided 100% free resources for teaching math. Four daughters keep Dad busy, but there’s still time for regular updates including his recent money worksheets, multiplication charts, and printable coordinate planes. This is one site home school families should be sure to check out!

Dad's Worksheets
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This worksheet site is great for reinforcing concepts that are being taught or for printables that allow students to drill and practice. James Scheller began the site as a way to help his daughters practice math. A quote described his primary purpose, “Repetition is the path to mastery, and so the logic goes with timed math drills. Maybe you’re homeschooling, or maybe you’re in a district that’s gone full speed into Mad Minutes, Rocket Math or some other type of timed testing. Either way, your kid needs practice and lots of it. Nobody learns math by osmosis.”

The entire site is free and the worksheets are great. There is a wide variety so that if you have to use the sheets many times over the course of a study, the kids have lots of options.

Grade Level: all grades
Parent involvement: low
Demographics: group or one-on-one
Religious Alignment: none
Homeschooling Method: supports any method
Learning styles: activities, creative practice
Format: printable free worksheets