Dr. Marion’s Learning Lab Homeschool Curriculum Review

Summary of Dr. Marion’s Learning Lab Homeschool Curriculum Review:

  • Grades: 4-6
  • Subjects: Reading
  • Category: Non-Religious
  • Format: Online Curriculum
  • Price: Free Trial, then $49.95 for the following school year

Visit Dr. Marion’s Learning Lab here.

How to Use Dr. Marion’s Learning Lab in Your Homeschool

Many children struggle with reading comprehension. A reason for this is that as children grow, their books move from a “storytelling” perspective to a more clinical viewpoint. Dr. Marion’s Learning Lab sought to tackle this problem by creating a new program called Comprendi™ designed specifically to teach students to build skills to aid in comprehension.

While science and history texts can be presented as dry and dispassionate, Comprendi™ not only attempts to reignite excitement through their story texts but also uses exciting graphics to aid in understanding.

Dr. Marion’s Learning Lab Highlights

The Four Pillars of Comprendi™ include:

  • Enhancing Reading Skills
  • Mastering ‘The Main Idea’
  • Expanding Vocabulary
  • Reinforcing Spelling

Building on these things, your student should show improvement in their reading comprehension with Comprendi™.

Dr. Marion’s Learning Lab Pros and Cons


  • A.I. Generated graphics for visually-stimulated learners
  • Teaching detached and impersonal facts through stories that are more easily retained
  • Interactive content so the student is engaged
  • Free trial


  • Especially as there is a free trial so you can preview the program without cost, the only con may be the additional screen time your child will need with Comprendi™.