Easy Grammar Homeschool Product Review

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Easy Grammar Product Review


Grade Level: 1st-12th grades
Parent involvement: low
Demographics: independent
Religious Alignment: None
Homeschooling Method: Traditional, Charlotte Mason
Learning styles: traditional textbooks
Format: textbook, digital download


Title: Easy Grammar
Author: Wanda C. Phillips, Ed.D.
Publisher: Easy Grammar SystemsEasy Grammar Systems

Easy Grammar is a very thorough yet very easy-to-understand study of grammar for students in grades 1-12. This resource is divided into days and/or units depending on the grade level. In all cases, students complete one to two “days” of work each day. The grade level determines what topics each book covers. Some levels include a review of various topics each day (capitalization/punctuation, parts of speech, sentence combining, etc.) while other levels delve into the different parts of speech at a very deep level.

One thing that makes Easy Grammar unique is its “prepositional phrase approach.” By deleting the prepositional phrases from each sentence or pair of sentences, students are able to pick out other parts–such as subjects and predicates–with ease. This “trick” works every time and students find it pretty neat, too!

For each level, there are multiple free samples available at the Easy Grammar website. The best part about Easy Grammar is the ease at which you can incorporate it into your student’s daily schedule. Since students only need to complete one or two “days” of work each day, there’s never any question as to what needs to be done. Along that same vein, there is absolutely no lesson planning required – it’s literally just “open and go.”