EdisonLearning Homeschool Curriculum Review

SUMMARY of EdisonLearning Homeschool Curriculum Review

  • Grades: 6-12
  • Subjects: Science, Math, Computer Science
  • Category: Non-Religious
  • Format: Online
  • Price: $499

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How to Use EdisonLearning Career Camps in Your Homeschool

EdisonLearning Virtual Career Camps are an exciting opportunity for students to explore some of the most popular and emerging careers. The camps include Own it!, an individual learning profile that suggests career pathways based on a student’s preferences, interests, and strengths. Based on the results, students can choose two exploratory eCourses and begin to explore the chosen career pathway. The camps also include weekly guest speakers from a variety of fields and a fun culminating project where students can demonstrate what they’ve learned. All students who complete a camp receive a Certificate of Completion for their learning portfolio.

Career Camps include Own it! social-emotional learning (SEL) content that supports students’ mental well-being, helps them develop confidence in their capabilities, and provides guidance on how to pursue the future they desire. Students have faced unprecedented, long-lasting stress throughout the pandemic—this essential content helps them manage their thoughts and emotions so they can achieve meaningful outcomes and feel good while doing it!

The career camp options are:

  • Architecture & Construction
    • Construction: Fundamentals & Careers
  • Business Management & Administration
    • Startups and Innovation
  • Finance
    • Career Exploration in Finance
    • Personal Finance
    • Fundamentals of Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency
  • Education & Training
    • Early Childhood EducationEdisonLearning Homeschool Curriculum Review
    • Introduction to Education & Teaching
  • Health Science
    • Career Exploration in Dentistry
    • Career Exploration in Healthcare
  • Information Technology
    • Cloud Technologies and the Internet of Things
    • Cybersecurity
    • Fundamentals to Blockchain & Cryptography
  • STEM (Robotics, Aeronautics, VR)
    • Robotics Applications and Careers
    • Aeronautics & Space Travel
    • Augmented & Virtual Reality Applications
    • Wearable Technology Innovations
  • Transportation, Distribution, & Logistics
    • Smart Cities: Technology and Applications
    • Transportation Technologies

EdisonLearning Career Camp Highlights

Your virtual summer career camp experience includes:

  • Own it! Career Interest Exploration (~10 hours)
  • Two Exploratory Career eCourses (~5 hours per eCourse)
  • Personal Learning Coach to assist throughout, including advice on eCourse selection
  • Weekly guest speakers from a variety of fields, students can participate in live Q&A and through on-demand recordings
  • Certificate of Completion for each pathway
  • Integrated content that supports confidence, decision-making, and emotional well-being

EdisonLearning Career Camp Pros and Cons


  • Includes a downloadable camp catalog to better view the options
  • If a few careers seem interesting, students may choose to try one course from two different pathways
  • Courses include guest speakers who can offer their unique perspectives on the topic and answer questions


  • The price may be a little high for some

Helpful Resources from EdisonLearning

“Students, educators, and parents have found themselves in a new learning environment as a result of the pandemic. EdisonLearning recognizes this situation and has answered this call to action by launching a podcast series called ‘Building the Bridge’ featuring Dr. Wendy Oliver. In this series, Dr. Oliver addresses how we can create a path to successful learning in this unique era that has driven so many of us to rely on technology for education.”

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