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ETap Product Review


  • Grade Level: K-12
  • Parent involvement:  Low
  • Demographics:    Independent
  • Homeschooling method:  eclectic
  • Learning styles:   visual, auditory
  • Format: Online

About eTAP Teaching Assistance Program

eTAP provides homeschool teachers & students with all primary and secondary school course of instruction, plus college entrance exams Test Prep for the GED, SAT, ACT, ASVAB and more. Additionally, eTAP content includes about 6,000 pages of instruction, 15,000 links to OER, videos, & 30,000 questions. A Translator and Reader are provided to increase students’ success is designed for the success of all students including those with special needs, English as a second language and different learning styles.
eTAP’s easy to use, point and click navigation provides easy use for both students and teachers. How to use video User Guide.

There is also an Assessment /Review for students to identify which lessons in red they need to study to prepare for their exams for each grade level and subject. To access the Assessment, select a grade level and a subject. Next, select the Assessment/Review Exam located at the top of the page, left side.
After completing the A/R Exam, click on Submit Answers at the end of the test. Students will see a list of lessons in red that they need to study, based on their wrong answers.

How is eTAP designed to Increase Student’s Homeschool Success?

eTAP is specifically designed to ensure success, by enabling students to maximize learning time and effort and focus on the essentials of what they need to know and are able to do. The text has been measured by the Microsoft reading level tool, to be at or below grade level. This means the text uses short sentences and words. eTAP combines easy-to-understand, primer style instruction, with questions released from standardized tests. Pre-tests allow students to focus on what they need to learn. Instructional units are short to allow students to easily master the content with a solid understanding. A variety of learning resources, including videos, are provided so students can select those that best fit their learning styles. The language used is appropriate for ELL students.

Homeschool Record-Keeping at eTAP

eTAP provides records of students’ learning progress. The software allows parents to access each student’s records. After you have logged in as a student, click on the scores button at the top of the page, right side. You will see a record of the tests students have completed. At the top of the page, additional test records may be accessed. All the lessons come with tests, which are graded by the program, and the results are viewable at any time. There’s a progress report for each student, so you have a quick way to monitor which courses they’re studying and how they’re doing. When they finish their courses, there’s a transcript that will offer a letter grade and final score, which you may print out for your records.

FAQ about eTAP Teaching Assistance

Is the eTAP teaching assistance program accredited?

The State of California has reviewed our program and found it to be in compliance with their state standards. Each state, however, has its own system of approval. Most states have found eTAP’s content satisfactory for homeschool use and some states are using it for their public school programs. You can request that your local school officials review our website.

Why does eTAP only cover the basic content?

You may have noticed that we provide links to free YouTube videos, such as Khan Academy, which are very popular with students. We have also provided a connection to many free offsite learning resources on the internet, included games like Triple-A Math, online quizzes, and static materials. Our text content and extensive assessment tools focus on a basic understanding of each subject. Yet, with all the free videos and other resources at your fingertips, our program may be the most comprehensive learning site available.

What are the system requirements of eTAP?

eTAP instruction is delivered via the internet. The only requirements for using eTAP are an internet browser and an internet connection. Some lessons may have resources that require Adobe Reader or FlashPlayer, which are both available for free download. eTAP has been tested using Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer browsers.

Pros and Cons of eTAP

Pros                                                                                                   Cons

Very easy to use and implement                                              Covers the basic core content with links to other resources

eTAP Testimonial

eTAP testimonial