FUNetix Homeschool Curriculum Review

Summary of FUNetix Homeschool Curriculum Review

  • Grades: K-3
  • Subjects: Reading
  • Category: Non-religious
  • Format: App
  • Price: FREE

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How to Use FUNetix in Your Homeschool

FUNetix is a wonderful 12-hour journey into reading and literacy. It’s a story about a koala and an elephant, a dog, a cat, a chameleon, AND a unicorn, who go on a journey to learn a “secret code” and to find “hidden treasure.” …But the REAL “secret code” is English and the REAL “hidden treasure” is learning how to read!

The FUNetix® app follows a path taking children from the ABCs to a 2nd-grade reading level in 2,300 fully narrated screens, simulating a 1-on-1 tutoring environment that includes strategically placed animation and games to captivate attention and invite continuous interaction from the end-user in order to move forward in the app.

The FUNetix app is broken down into 40 modules. Each module contains approximately 50 screens that are consumed in about 20 minutes. The entire app is completed in about 12 hours, spread out over 6-12 weeks. FUNetix requires minimal supervision to keep children focused and progressing without skipping over the material, but requires no formal training or teaching skills from a parent or guardian.

FUNetix Homeschool Curriculum ReviewThe app is meant to be consumed linearly (all 2,300 screens), and every screen requires interaction from the student in order to move forward. The child cannot move forward beyond the content they have completed, but they can always move backward to repeat any module(s) they have already completed and wish to see again. After completing Module 40, children are treated to a surprise graduation and trophy ceremony hosted by the cartoon koala narrator who is present with them throughout the app. Their trophy, along with other treasures remain with them in their fully accessible treasure chest for as long as they continue to use the app.

FUNetix Highlights

The app is systematically designed to teach English reading fundamentals to include:

  • Letter recognition
  • Sound recognition (phonemic awareness)
  • Blending letters and sounds together to make words
  • Segmenting words into their component sound pieces
  • Mapping Letters and letter strings to sounds (phonics)
  • Comprehension of words, sentences in both fiction and nonfiction materials, from kindergarten through a second-grade level.

FUNetix Pros and ConsFUNetix best curriculum reviews


  • FUNetix offers great support for parents
  • Science-based curriculum with 17 years of field-testing
  • Provides pdf with breakdowns of the app with all the information parents need to know
  • The app allows up to 4 different users for multiple children
  • Offers free tutoring if your child needs additional help
  • The app itself is completely free!!


  • With the app being free, there aren’t really any cons to giving it a try to see if it will work for your family.

Additional Comments from FUNetix Users

  • “My son really enjoys the app and is having a lot of fun using it. I like it because he very quickly was understanding the concept of what he was doing and immediately was improving in reading. He is able to do this himself, but I have been sitting beside him to see how he is doing… From a teaching perspective, I really like the app as well…I think this app is great!  My son wants to keep using it and is excited to use it, and I can see him actively learning and learning quickly.” – Anonymous
  • “As an educational tool, this app works wonders for early readers!  I can attest to that fact because I used to teach the FUNetix curriculum to struggling young readers, in person, and now I can use the app as a tool – which makes the whole learning process more interactive and fun with the student!  I highly recommend this app!” – Keith K.