Grace & Grit Box Homeschool Curriculum Review

Grace & Grit Homeschool Curriculum Reviews

SUMMARY of Grace and Grit Homeschool Curriculum Review: 

  • Grades: 3rd – 6th grades
  • Subjects: Self-esteem/Confidence, and Social Studies
  • Category: Non-religious
  • Format: Unit Studies
  • Price: $18/mo – $32/mo plus additional videos at $10 each

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How to Use the Grace & Grit Box in Your Homeschool

Grace & Grit is a company that teaches girls essential life skills and confidence through customized lessons. Each lesson is based on a historic female and the single character trait that helped her achieve great things throughout her life. All of the lessons, whether in a single box or Curriculum form, are designed to serve as an activity between a girl and a trusted female adult by sparking discussion on important topics. For Homeschool Educators, each theme serves as a unit study with the opportunity to explore a variety of topics inspired by the story.

The boxes can be purchased as a curriculum kit in a single version or by subscription. You can also choose the all-inclusive curriculum that enables you as homeschoolers to do a study around the box theme and contents.

Grace & Grit Box Highlights

Grace & Grit Box Homeschool Curriculum Review

When you place your order for a subscription, they will ship the first box to the address you provide within five business days. The additional boxes will be mailed in the following months after your order, one per month for either 36 , or 10 months, depending on the level of your subscription. The boxes shipped are dependent on the date you begin your subscription, so you won’t be able to choose specific boxes. If you prefer to choose specific boxes you’ll need to place a non-subscription order. With this option, you will receive all your boxes in one shipment.

Each Grace & Grit subscription box and lesson set has a journal with highlights from the figure’s life, lessons related to the character trait, and activities to spark healthy conversation. Also included:

  • A letter from Heather
  • Play-It-Forward cards
  • An illustration of the figure and unique gifts.

More information about each box can be found within the product descriptions.

Grace & Grit Best Homeschool Curriculum Reviews

Grace & Grit Subscription Boxes Pros and Cons


  • Beautifully designed
  • Very motivating to young girls
  • Important timely topics


  • A little costly

Additional Resources from Grace and Grit

Be sure to visit Grace and Grit’s resources page to take advantage of some great studies and activities on some strong women to inspire your girls!