Homeschool Programming Curriculum Review

Summary of Homeschool Programming Homeschool Curriculum Review

Homeschool Programming – Age 8 to teens – Starting at $70 per semester or $120 for a year-long course

Homeschool Programming teaches website design, video game programming, and smart phone app design to students of all ages. The engaging approach combines textbook study material and hands-on computer programming activities–making the process a fun experience. And best of all–no teacher expertise is required (although you might want to take a course alongside your child!).

Each series of Homeschool Programming is an independent course track containing two semesters of work. The first semester is an entry-level course suitable for students with no prior programming experience. After completing the first course students can move on to the second semester to learn advanced concepts/topics. You can purchase courses individually, or together in a discounted “Year Pack”.

Each course is very thorough and comes with student activity starters, supplementary instructional documents, a Solution Guide, tests, answer keys, and guidance on evaluating projects. Most questions about how to code individual activities are easily answered by referring to the Solution Guide. Homeschool Programming also provides free technical support to assist with any aspect of the courses, and the company offers optional instructional videos perfect for audio-visual learners. These videos do not replace the Student Textbook, but they do reinforce every chapter and lesson. For the first course you purchase, I recommend getting the videos too–as extra help is always good!

The KidCoder Visual Basic Series and KidCoder Web Series are geared towards students in the 4th-12th grade. This series is great for kids (and older individuals) just trying out the field of computer programming.

The TeenCoder C# Series and TeenCoder Java Series are for 9th-12th grade students looking for a more in-depth study of computer programming. The courses can be used for high school computer elective credit, and/or for preparing a college-bound student for a technical degree.

Benefits of Homeschool Programming as a Homeschool Curriculum include the following —

Written by homeschool parents who are also experienced software engineers
Engaging, age-appropriate lessons with fun, hands-on programming activities
Self-study curriculum requires no teacher expertise
All courses come with activity solutions, test and answers, and a Solution Guide
Optional instructional videos with animated coverage of all lesson topics are available
Fast, free technical support for the lifetime of the course
All printed versions include a perfect-bound, 8.5″ x 11″ textbook and course CD
Professional setup program installs course material on your computer
Graphical student menus allow easy access to all course components
Homeschool Programming teaches industry-standard languages widely used by schools and businesses
Online Getting Started guides, FAQ, user reviews, and document updates are included
No extra software to purchase–
Homeschool Programming uses only free development tools
Homeschool Programming sample course pages can be seen here. Demo videos can be seen here.

Kids need to know how to program. This is a GREAT product to get the ball rolling.