JubiLingua Homeschool Curriculum Review

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$5.99/deck or all six decks for $29.95

JubiLingua is a card game that makes learning French… well… “un jeu”!

The six decks of JubiLingua cards are great for practicing French verb conjugations in the present and past tense, for practicing the use of definite/indefinite articles and possessive adjectives, and for practicing the correct position of “ne” and “pas,” which are required for negative sentences.

The six decks cover—

  1. Present tense of avoir and être (“to have” and “to be”)
  2. Present tense of regular verbs ending in –er
  3. Present tense of regular verbs ending in –ir
  4. Present tense of regular verbs ending in –re
  5. Passé composé (past tense) with auxiliary verb être
  6. Passé composé (past tense) with auxiliary verb avoir

The decks are the size, quality and durability of regular playing cards, and contain 54 cards, along with instructions and a case. They’re cute—all decks are in different colors, and they’re easy to manipulate.

The object of the game is to match subject, verb and other cards correctly to create as many sentences as possible.

The game itself–players lay their cards on the table for others to see, and take turns either asking for a card or taking one from the free pile. If asked for a card, a player must give it up. Once a card is used, it is out of play and cannot be used again during that game. Each game can be played in 10-15 minutes, and can be played in pairs or groups of up to 4-6 players.

In addition to the card games, JubiLingua offers free games on their site –http://www.jubilingua.com/Free-Games.html.

Games are a great educational tool for teaching languages–

  • They provide practice in various language skills
  • They are a welcome break from drills and worksheets
  • They can be motivating and challenging
  • They encourage students to interact and communicate with one another (or with you as the teacher/other player)

What a great idea — Apprendre le français avec votre enfant et
vous amuser en jouant ensemble!