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K12 is the trusted provider of online learning for many virtual public schools and homeschools. K12’s public schools offer online, tuition-free education. Students participating in the K12 program receive a high-quality, personalized education experience online. With K12, students in grades K–12 enjoy a classroom in the home or on the road, wherever an internet connection is available!

Full-time students’ days include a combination of:

  • Online lessons, interactive activities, and virtual classroom sessions in the Online School (OLS)
  • Independent activities not on the computer using K12-provided materials, including textbooks and workbooks
  • Interaction with teachers and classmates online or by phone
  • Guidance from their Learning Coach to ensure they are making progress during the day
  • Planned student activities and parent support as needed

While there’s a lot to love about K12, our favorite part is the fact that it’s FREE! All the lessons and activities are pre-planned (so there’s no lesson planning required) and K12 provides all materials students need–right down to the workbooks. In addition to supplying teachers, K12 also supplies Learning Coaches which helps with accountability.

Grade Level: K-12th
Parent involvement: medium (varies by grade level)
Demographics: independent
Religious Alignment: none
Homeschooling Method: all
Learning styles: activities, interactive
Format: online and offline (textbooks, workbooks)