Lexia Learners Homeschool Product Review


  • Grades: 1st-12th
  • Subjects: Math, Spelling, Reading
  • Category: Non-Religious
  • Format: 1:1 tutoring, classes
  • Price: Paid

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Lexia Learners improves lives for struggling students and brings harmony to families by developing a love for learning, and building confidence & self-esteem with love, kindness, and respect through their unique, individualized learning programs, online with a caring and trained professional teacher.

About Lexia Learners

Lexia Learners grew from just Coach Jess tutoring out of her home in Las Vegas, Nevada to opening an office in Tustin, California. In March 2020, the office closed due to COVID and have moved their services exclusively online.  Now, Lexia Learners are available virtually, anywhere.

Since its inception, they have helped hundreds of children who suffered from brain-based learning difficulties, that led to them falling behind their peers in reading, writing, spelling, and/or math. Lexia Learners believes in bettering the whole child while working with the individual and the family from the comfort of their own home via the internet.

How to Use Lexia Learners in Your Homeschool

There are several options for using Lexia Learners while homeschooling. If your child needs extra help they can use the one-on-one tutoring that is available or register for a group class. Lexia also offers a free diagnostic session where they help determine what help your student may need. Lexia Learners exists to build confidence through teaching reading spelling, writing, and math skills with proven methods that work for students. Parents can also find that they may want to take a parent coaching session with the Lexia Learners specialists.

The personalized private tutoring uses proven Orton-Gillingham, hands-on, multisensory techniques to teach students English Language Arts and math made easy from addition to Pre-Algebra online.

The online courses consist of small group classes for students who want to learn the art of reading, writing & note-taking.